Thursday, July 29, 2010

Amway - The System Works - If You Are Selling The System

When I was an IBO in WWDB, I was told outright lies from speakers on stage about the system and the system profits. I was first told that WWDB was a non profit organization, which was false. I also mentioned to my sponsor that non profit organizations still generate income in some cases, and can still pay their CEOs a whopping salary. This falsehood/lie was quickly withdrawn and the story later became WWDB was a for profit company, but nobody made profits. They claimed that any surplus was reinvested into WWDB to make future events cheaper. We also know today that this is a lie.

Another lie told by WWDB leaders was that nobody made profits from tools. This was eventually exposed in the information/internet age. IBOs these days simply "forgot" about these issues and nobody was ever made to explain or account for the lies and everything was basically swept under the rug. To this day, despite accreditation, I do not believe there is transparency about the tools. If there were, it probably would have been exposed by an IBO or a former IBO. It was also discovered that some diamonds and bigger pins made most of their money from selling tools. And it makes sense because these folks are traveling the country without the ability to work their business, at least locally and thus it would make perfect sense that their groups may become broken.

In my opinion, the telltale sign however, was the recent flat growth or even decline of Amway sales in North America. Less sales likely means less IBOs and less IBOs means less IBOs buying tools and attending functions. It also means less energy drinks consumed. The possible resulting fallout? A prominent WWDB diamond in bankruptcy proceedings. While Amway defenders cite that is was flipping houses that caused the problem, but it is quite possible that in the past, the tools income may have been enough to cover failed ventures. We also see diamonds selling off homes/mansions. Sure to a degree it may simply be downsizing, but the real estate market is down right now so selling is a tough venture right now.

While the lid has not yet been completely blown off the pot, it appears that the tool sales are down and that it certainly would appear that tool sales are a vital and yet declining part of a diamond's income. I guess the system works well for those who sell and profit from the system, but sales are down and it appears that diamonds are being forced to tighten their belts. I'm shedding crocodile tears for them as we speak.

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