Monday, July 12, 2010

Amway - Warning Signs?

Having been involved in Amway/Quixtar discusssion for some time now. I recognize the many warning signs of a bad upline or a bad LOS. While not all uplines are the same, I do not believe that any LOS is free of bad teaching, regardless of what you hear. Some of these points are simply clues that you could be in a bad LOS, you still need to think as an independent business owner and watch out for your own best interest.

When you were prospected or recruited, was your sponsor upfront about the Amway opportunity or were you told about some new ecommerce opportunity or the like? Were you told that selling products was important or were you told that buying from yourself is the way to succeed? Did you know that some some uplines make most of their income from selling business support materials and not from Amway? Were you told that functions and other tools were vital to your success?

Were you told that a college education was not important to your success in Amway? Were you told that buying from yourself can result in a profit? Did someone say that the Amway opportunity helps save marriages or makes you a better person? Was the Amway opportunity used to preach religion or politics to you? Did anyone tell you to ignore facts if you have a dream? Were you told to submit to upline? Or were you told to check your ego at the door? Did you get the impression that your upline was a divine being? Did you give the speaker a standing ovation without knowing why?

Were you told that you save money on Amway products only to realize that they are not generally cheaper than other retailers. Were you told that you have joined the best or the fastest growing LOS? Were you shown fancy cars or other luxuries and told that you can also achieve these lifestyles if you follow the system? Did your upline or sponsor tell you and verify how they are performing in the Amway opportunity or were you simply shown a photocopy of some check from an upline? Did you hear that you should always avoid "negative", or that people who are not in Amway are broke or losers?

These are some warning signs that you could be in a questionable LOS. In many cases, an LOS's priority is simply to sell you tools. Tools that are supposed to help you succeed in Amway, but more often than not, they help the person selling the tools to profit, regardless of whether you make a cent in Amway or not. It is important to look at facts, to track your progress and to keep track of expenses. If you are not progressing as the plan was shown, you may want to take a look and make sure that you are not overspending on tools thar aren't helping you. Or if you are unable to sponsor downline, you may have to ask if this business is for you.

The business has warning signs. It is up to you to see them or to ignore them.


Anonymous said...

I've seen the warning signs but I've chosen to ignore them. I'm confident in my decision. I know I'm already there. Don't worry about me. Thanks, have a wonderful day!

Joecool said...

Okay, enjoy getting ripped off. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

MAN that anon is such a dimwit!