Friday, January 7, 2011

False Income Claims?

One of the things I have seen over and over from IBOs and Amway enthusiasts were either false income claims or unsubstantiated income claims. I have yet to see any IBO be forthcoming about their Amway income versus their business expenses. We know that some diamonds teach that they pay for homes in cash. Some of these diamonds were embarrassed when their homes were FORECLOSED! I've also seen IBOs run past a blog saying they are new but earning $6000 a month or other nonsense like that.

What IBOs and information seekers should be aware of is if the information did not come from Amway, then you should verify the truthfulness of that information. For example, Amway doesn't claim that they are a franchise opportunity, or that they are potential source of residual and willable income. While these would be great benefits to enjoy, Amway doesn't promote them. If Amway doesn't promote these benefits, they may not exist. Sadly, systems such as WWDB or Network 21 may promote these questionable claims.

Here's a great example of a questionable claim by Amway's most famous internet defender:
Entry #92 - IBOFightback

"There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have made full-time incomes and more with a part-time Amway business, including many millionaires."

Here's an Amway rep's response:

Cindy Droog
January 7, 2011 at 09:27

1. This claim would not be possible for us to capture or substantiate, given that people’s definition of “full-time income replacement” varies so widely around the world, even within the borders of the same country

IBOs and information seekers, beware of false claims about Amway!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how every time an IBO makes a claim like "I'm Successful" or "My business is really moving" that they refuse to back their claims with facts, most don't even respond when asked or have some nonsensical formulated answer.

***Former WWDB Lemming***

Anonymous said...

That IBOfightback guys is a wacko. I see him on just about every forum where Amway is mentioned. Is he an Amway representative?

rocket said...

Wow. Cindy Droog must be way off because that's not what David Steadson says!

Joecool said...

Not to mention David Steadson/IBOFB claims to be at least a founder's 3%. Now that's credibility! :-)

Steve said...

Hi Joecool,

Of course, a little talked about component of the business is that virtually everyone is at or near a 3% bonus, regardless of their level.

For example, most Q12 Platinums, if they are honest, will admit to having a 4000 or even 6000pv leg... leaving an override of only 2-4% on the majority of all of their volume.

Most 4000's have a 2500pv leg, most 2500's have a 1500pv leg, most 1000 pins have a 600pv leg and on and on.

Founders 3%'ers all...

Keep up the good work and thanks for providing a professional forum with such well-defined and well-thought-out arguments.

To your continued success,