Thursday, January 6, 2011

IBOs Are Doomed For Failure

Even though diamonds and big pins in Amway like to show off fancy material goods such as sports cars and mansions, the vast majority of rank and file IBOs will never get close to attaining those kinds of trappings. In fact, once an IBO agrees to get on standing order and to attend functions, that IBO is more than likely doomed for failure. Most business building IBOs don't even make enough income to cover the expense of their voicemail subscription. When you take a look at the Amway business presentation, you will see that maost IBOs who qualify for a bonus will earn something like $10 a month. Thus all those lower level IBOs are guaranteed a net loss by participating in the system.

One could argue that simply consuming 100 PV would put you at a loss, except that technically, it's not really a business expense. But it can be a business expense if you are buying products just to familiarize yourself with the products and/or to reach your PV bracket. In other words if you are buying stuff that you don't need in the name of earning a bonus. I had a fellow crossline IBO who actually went and purchased 1000 PV in a month because our upline diamond had a 1000 pin playday and this IBO had no downline. Thus he likely purchased most of if not all of that 1000 PV by himself.

Because of a spotty Amway reputation and the fact that it's very hard to sponsor downline and get retail customers, most IBOs will be doomed for failure once they sign on to become IBOs. Their problems and financial losses mount and get exponentially worse once they agree to sign on and dedicate themselves to the system. While the system expenses may seem benign at first, IBOs often find that losses can reach or exceed tens of thousands of dollars in a relatively short period of time.

In my opinion, what makes all of this so sickening and somewhat even evil is that an IBO or prospect will be told that the system is proven. That you are practically guaranteed success by following the system. Then after spending thousands of dollars and not making a dime, these same IBOs might be told that they are at fault for not making it big in Amway. That failure is the fault of the IBO. Or that the IBO did not follow the system as prescribed. I know that many IBOs, whether they work hard or follow the system or not, are still doomed for failure because the system doesn't work. There is no bonafide and unbiased evidence of any kind that indicate that the system works. The system only works if you are one who profits by selling the system. The rest of the herd ends up losing money. There is no question about it.

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Anonymous said...

sadly, i was part of the herd. but thankfully i did get out without losing TOO much money.

anon from canada, SHOVE IT!!!