Saturday, January 1, 2011

Working For Love?

One of the things I heard WWDB speakers say on more than one occasion was that nobody "loves" their job. They claimed that if you loved your job, you would do it for free. Currently, IBOFightback aka David Steadson and his mentally challenged sidekick Bridgett Baron have once again falsely accused me (without evidence or proof) of being the author of the "Married An Ambot" blog. They also accuse Joecool of being "obsessed".

Truth be told, I am somewhat obsessed about giving information to Amway prospects and information seekers because I don't want them to get ripped off based on lies and deception by upline leaders, who apparently still teach the same old junk today, that was taught many years ago. Amway apologists such as Bridgett Baron has her head so far up her fanny (ass) that she cannot tell up from down. She claims that WWDB is changing for the better, despite participating on a blog by a WWDB IBO who repeats the same garbage I heard as an IBO 13 - 14 years ago. There's a seemingly nice kid named Shaun who runs his blog as a journal of his WWDB experiences. There he speaks about getting out of debt (No apparent thanks to Amway income) and saving up to purchase a home in cash, getting a bigger tax refund (despite claiming to make money in Amway) and he also mentioned that IBOs have a 2% divorce rate versus the rest of the world with a 60% divorce rate. All of these things were taught by WWDB uplines back in 1997 and 1998 when I was an IBO. It's all there for everyone to see, yet stupid people like Bridgett Baron continue to deny it. What is their agenda? Clearly, the vast majority of people who join Amway either do little or nothing and those who work hard usually end up losing money because of the system expenses such as voicemail, functions and standing orders. That is a fact. IBOFB and Bridgett Baron are apparently not interested in facts but they want to promote their version of the "Truth About Amway".

I would also like to point out that my former uplines and WWDB leaders such as Greg Duncan and Brad Duncan apparently did not work out of love. Even though some WWDB leaders outright lied and said Diamonds did not earn anything from tools, we now know that they lied and that they are/were likely compensated for every single appearance and that rank and file struggling IBOs footed the bill.

Yes, people don't work their jobs out of love. Everyone needs to earn a living, but don't be fooled. Diamonds do not work for love either. They work, likely because they also have to earn a living, just like people who have jobs. Just because they may show you pictures of mansions and sports cars doesn't mean they own them outright or that they can even comfortably afford them.

It is very sad that so may people over the years, possibly tens of millions have suffered financial losses as a result of inaccurate information or deception and lies used to recruit people into Amway. While it may not be (directly) Amway's fault, the fact is that many many these people had bad experiences and financial losses. The facts are there for those who seek the facts. It is why Joecool hasn't yet quit the blogging community.

I would also like to note that IBOFightback and Bridgett Baron really should stop slandering/libeling Joecool with their false accusations without proof or evidence. There are lawyers in Hawaii too. Anna Banana, if you read this post, you can help show that IBOFB and Bridgett Baron are just obsessed Amway defenders who are wrong once again with their accusations.

I wonder if IBOFB aka David Steadson and Bridgett Baron work for love - or for Amway? :-) (Note the smiley?)


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be the first or last time that IBOFB and Bridgett Baron were dead wrong.

Anna Banana said...

Pick something you love and find a way to make money at it.

I did not love Amway and I can't stand our sponsor or upline so I never would have made money at it.

Oh come on Joe you might as well fess up that we are one and the same! They're not going to believe anything else anyway! I wonder how they explain how you can go from one blog where you rationally discuss why Amway is a bad business opportunity to a polar opposite blog that exists mainly to curse out the former upline and tells exactly what is going on at recent Amway business meetings even though you've written many times when you were in Amway.

They must think Joecool is incredibly talented to make such a drastic switch in writing style!

Joecool said...

These two ding dongs are so wacko, they think Joecool runs every anti Amway blog on the internet. I think Bridgett has psychological problems.

Anonymous said...

Joe, see if there's a man with dark glasses and binoculars sitting in front of your house. It might be IBOFB sitting there spying on you. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Per amway, why do we suddently have to love our jobs?

I don't love my job and have never stated otherwise. I do it for one thing - money!

I did amway for one reason - money!

If loving your job is the criteria for doing it, why don't all the diamonds stop their income right this minute (don't take one more dime from any source) and keep building depth for the 'aura' of it all (as Greg Duncan puts so snidely from stage)

Anonymous said...

i hate amway. period.

anon from canada is a piece of trash. period.

joecool lives up to his name all the time. period.

my day just got better. XD