Saturday, December 3, 2011

Does Amway Care About Rules Violations?

I often read about things that Amway does. Some are good. They apparently are concerned about eco friendly products and doing things for charity such as Easter Seals. While this is all good, I wonder sometimes about whether or not Amway cares about their IBOs. IBOs are the lifeline for Amway. Basically, an IBO is a commissioned sales person for Amway with no fringe benefits. IBOs move products for Amway, often at their own expense with Amway paying out bonuses that rewards upline more than the people who actually move the products in most cases.

What makes it worse is that the Amway co-owner, Rich DeVos acknowledged that the "system", consisting of seminars and other tools, were basically an illegal pyramid scheme. Amway tried to reign in the abuse but when certain "kingpins" fought against Amway, sales dropped significantly and the tool abuse went on.

Now, many years later, some Amway groups continue tool abuse. Dateline in 2004 exposed the scam and there were some incidents with some leaders and groups that pruned some of the Amway abusers, but still, it didn't seem as if Amway did anything of substance to curb the abuses. The tools are still promoted in unethical means and even though Amway started an accreditation program, many groups have skirted the spirit of the program and Amway, despite their claims, have apparently turned a "blimd eye" to the issues.

If you examines my former LOS, (WWDB), you can find ample evidence that nothing has changed from my time in the business to now. There is still abuse, lies and deception. Amway claims to address issues, but I have emeiled them numerous issues, many with no response, and in another issue, I posted information about a rules violator on the Amway Answers Blog, which was never published and no response given. Does Amway care? It seems that they do when it favors them and they don't care if not.

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