Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around?

One of the things that many prospects and IBOs believe is that they will make an investment of time and money into Amway and that they will eventually get their time and money back in such abundance that they can walk off their jobs, and walk the beaches of the world while living on lifelong residual income, all because of the Amway opportunity. For IBOs and prospects of Amway, I wonder if any of you can actually name even five people who have actually accomplished this? Can you even name one person? Why do Corwn Ambassadors keep working? Keep in mind that there have probably been tens of millions of people who also wanted this and tried Amway and the systems, only to find that reality paints a different picture.

Many people think they will reap what they sow. While that many sound true, I guess the next logical question is what are you sowing? Are you deceptive when prospecting people to see the plan? Do you mention Amway when prospecting? Are you having to justify and hide price comparisons that are not favorable? Are you actually selling goods to customers and actually qualifying for your Amway bonus? Do you have a negative opinion (broke losers) about people who don't join Amway or are not interested in seeing the plan? Do you now think your boss and your job are evil? Do you leave your kids at home to attend endless numbers of functions and meetings? You reap what you sow correct?

I wonder what some WWDB diamonds were sowing? At least the ones who had their homes foreclosed, and one in particular was involved in chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings? Are they reaping what they sowed? What about the WWDB diamonds who got divorced? What were they sowing? Are IBO sure about wanting to make the claim of reaping and sowing? And yes, Joecool the person also has his own flaws, but the difference is that I am not on stage proclaiming to be flawless and many diamonds would imply when they speak (and profit from) their tens of thousands of downlines. I am not earning a living by deceiving people and profiting from people I am supposed to be helping. Have any of these leaders been held accountable by their downlines or have they simply revised history?

What goes around comes around.


Anonymous said...

Out from the mouth comes what is in your heart. I know my vision for this business. Somehow along the way it seems you lost your vision. By the fruits you bare in your blogs it taste of bitterness and jealousy.... Mostly speaking of money you lost and how others gained...i haven't ready any comments about the years while you were in the business anyone you helped? You talk about hypocrisy... Maybe get the log out of your own eye first. I have been in the business for 2 1/2 months and the personal growth and relational growth i had is amazing... Praise the Lord. Financially its not there sure... but the leaders tell you this... I'll tell you what my faith in the Lord has been magnified in ALL facets of my life. Faith to get out of the lame state of my comfort zone and encourage another human being. Sure some leaders my have different views, may have different perspectives but they all want you to succeed.... If you want to tell me otherwise prove it. The plan is proven the only thing that is not is me...and all the people starting....with a dream. Don't squelch thier dreams by putting up your bitterness. A good and responsible leader should always make sure that the people they qualify count the cost. Now is that gonna be everyone? That is why God gives us wisdom understanding and "discernment". I can only control what i can do... When i model for the people i have relationships with integrity and sow in their lives love, encouragement compasion. Whether I get it back or not is irrelevant because I have a purpose and I work as if I'm working for the Lord and will judge me not you or anyone else. So I encourage you brother to stop judging and pointing fingers. It didn't workout for you..move on.... Don't dedicate a portion of your life to cutting others down who rose above despite criticism. Much love and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

you're a joke. oops, did i just cut you down? :p