Friday, May 4, 2012

Amway Or Costco?

In my informed opinion, Costco is a much better bargain than Amway. Since I was an IBO and a Costco member, I have seen noticeable differences. The main one being that when I leave Costco, if I spend $200, I leave with a cartload of stuff, as compared to an armful of goods that I got through Amway for the same price. I wrote a post about price comparisons between Costco and Amway a while back. Costco came out ahead in nearly all price comparisons. That is not to say you cannot get any good products from Amway, but overall, I believe Costco to be the better bargain.

I live about 10 miles from my nearest Costo but driving there takes me along the coast of the island (I am from Hawaii) and it's a nice drive. When I arrive, I can fill my gas tank and using an Amercian Express card, I can get a 4% rebate on my gas purchase. I can also stop for lunch and get a foot long hot dog and a bottomless soda for $1.50, a deal that is hard to top. Additionally, there are great deals there. For example, a case of water, 35 bottles is $5.99. (How much for a case of perfect water?) I can also purchase a whole slow roasted chicken for $5.99, or a full rack of BBQ ribs for $9.99 or a whole 20" pizza for $9.99. I might add that the food at Costco is great.

While Amway's laundry detergent and cosmetics might be somewhat competitive to other retailers and Costco, the overall array of products can be found cheaper at Costco and other big retailers. Additionally, I get up to a 2% rebate when I make my purchase with American express. No other strings attached! So yeah, I get "paid" to shop at Costco. I also get the rebate with no minimum quota.

But the biggest reason I like Costco? Nobody has ever tricked me into a Costco meeting which will try to sell me a Costco outlet! There is no Costco upline. Nobody has ever called me a broke loser because I didn't join or buy goods from Costco. Nobody tries to question my character if I decide not to shop at Costco. There are no Costco employees calling me names because I choose to shop elsewhere. There are no cds teaching me how to shop at Costco, nor do I have to attend any seminars to learn how to shop at Costco. I simply shop and save.

Some Amway defenders have tried to make price comparisons between Costco and Amway. If you compare Costco online to Amway, the prices are closer, with Costco prevailing, but Costco prices are much cheaper if you are there in person and you can really add to your savings using a cash back credit card. I challenge prospects and current IBOs to walk down the aisles at Costco and compare prices.


Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for posting..

Brian Pyle said...

Toooo, funny. The part about not being made out to be scum of the earth if you don't buy from Costco is spot on. The Costco folks still talk to me if I pick my wine up at Safeway :)

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