Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Amway's Critics?

To this day, Amway has many critics and supporters. Some Amway supporters become critics if they leave the Amway business. Some Amway apologists are claiming victory as they say there are fewer new internet critics. But funny enough, there aren't any apparently new Amway supporters on the net either. But still, it doesn't appear that Amway is suddenly new and improved. The name Amway doesn't bring visions of sugarplums in most people's heads. In fact when you google Amway, you'll see many critical sites and the words scam or pyramid often associated with the name "Amway". You'll find horror stories and stories of people tricked into meeting. Recently, I've fond stories of IBO's getting hosed by the IRS.

What does the Amway name bring? People often think of "pyramid" or "scam". Some people are negative about the Amway opportunity and they don't even know why. Many people however, were involved in Amway at one time, or knows someone who had a bad experience. While many people's experience may have little to do with the Amway corporation, surely the motivational groups such as N21, BWW, or WWDB has had an impact on people's experience with Amway. Getting tricked into attending meetings or being lied to will lead to a bad experience. So will ridiculous snake oil campaigns like perfect water or claims about vitamin supplements. Most people are recruited by family or friends, thus these victims are often reluctant to file complaints against their family and friends to authorities.

But has Amway done anything significant about IBO abuses? Surely they must know something about this. Someone from Amway occasionally visits my blog to see what I am writing. But as far as I know, even the most abusive uplines have gone unpunished. Amway implemented an accreditation program, but I have yet to see ay significant changes as a result of accreditation and accreditation plus.

Amway criticism can be curbed quite easily. More transparency. Why not inform prospects of how many diamonds are currently qualified? Why not say how many IBOs are active or registered? Why not report North American sales? Why not say what the typical IBO earns? It would prevent critics and supporters from extrapolating information and making their own possibly inaccurate conclusions. Of course Amway is a private company and therefore will probably release only information that is required by law. And that is their right. But if that is the case, then IBO's will continue to make things up and the criticism will continue.

Like the AMO saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. With no apparent significant changes forthcoming from Amway, the valid criticism continues.


Anonymous said...

Amway won't do anything. They drink the kool-aid at the corporation.

Been there, seen it. They simply want the way the message is conveyed to be more palatable for 2014 (IE, can't get sued)

Anonymous said...

It really depends on the person. I never really thought I could be successful in amway, that's why I didn't join. Still haven't. But i will in a few months, because I've been inspired. I was talking about this business a lot to my close friends and one of them mentioned about this guy who was in network marketing and happens to be also a friend of mine. When i met him, he was a completely different person. He changed so much and seems to be really professional now. He told me it was a great company and he said he made a lit of money. He got his church involved, securities, family, and basically everyone. So that got me thinking, if he can do it, why can't I? Fyi, we are both seniors in high school. I mean he's 18, and he got pretty successful, I'm pretty sure I can do it too.

Joecool said...

A lot of people say they make a lot of money in Amway as a way to lure you in. How do you know he made money or not? Even diamonds are assumed to be wealthy but has anyone actually see their bank accounts or their business tax returns? The fact is these folks will not actually show you proof that they are making money.