Sunday, June 15, 2014

Whar If I Join Amway?

There's a ton of information about Amway pro and con on the internet. In case you might be wondering why there is so much negative about Amway on the internet, it's because IBO's past and present do strange things and cause negative experiences for people far and wide. I find it humorous that Amway supporters will say "that doesn't happen anymore" or that Amway "fixed that". Makes me wonder what was wrong in the first place and whether the FTC had their ruling wrong when they cleared Amway back in 1979 of being an illegal pyramid. That ruling paved the way for a hoard of other MLM's to copycat Amway's comp plan and operationss. Herbalife is currently under investigation by the FTC and other agencies but while they followed the "Amway rules", slight variations may not render them "legal" by the FTC. We shall see.

In the meantime, what happens if I join Amway? Are you prepared tp buy/sell/self conume your 100 pv? Did your upline inform you that it will cost around $300 a month and that this expense will likely last for your entire IBO career? If you cannot sell any products, the burden of moving that 100 pv will end up costing you $300 a month. Hey, you can't be unteachable and not move 100 pv right?

In addition, your sponsor or upline may give you some tapes/cds and allow you to attend meetings for free but if you become "serious" about being a business builder, you will beccome the upline/sponsor who buys those tools and tickets for people that you prospect.

Amway has a "money back guarantee" for some products and services, but what happens if you stay on as an IBO for a year or so? No money back!!!!!!! Same for for the products. Some people may stay in for a whille so they do not qualify for refunds. Also, try actually getting a refund for your tools/seminars. The tool companies have do not have any written guarentee for refunds so you can get stuck with stuff you don't want. Try asking you "awesome mentors" about these refunds. See what they say. You might hear something like "noone has ever asked for a refund".

So what if you join Amway? Can you really sell stuff? If you are a prospect, ask for a catalog and see the merchandise and prices. See if you would be willing to buy anything. See if you would e able tp sell anything. Can you prospect and sponsor anyone? If your answers are "no" to these concerns, think twice about it.

Do your due diligence and see if you can actually accomplish what your sponsor is advertising and make your decisions on facts and not hype. Good luck!

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