Friday, June 27, 2014

Fulfilling Your Amway Dreams?

One of the issues I have with the Amway plan is that the newest IBO, possibly the one who does the most "Work", receives the smallest compensation. Amway pays about 30+% of their income back in the form of bonuses. An IBO who does 100 PV receives a 3% bonus and somewhere, uplines and sponsors receive the rest. Some of the upline may not have even met the IBO who actually did the work. Is that really fair and is that a level playing field? What did some of these uplines do to deserve the lion's share of the bonus you worked to get? They got into Amway before you? Yes, the upline diamond may show the plan in an open meeting, which may help you, but then again, you pay for entrance into that meeting.

Many uplines will talk about dreams and fulfilling your dreams. But if an IBO would stop and think for a moment, you can easily see that you are building the dreams of your upline, and not your own. You receive a tiny portion of the bonus for the volume that you move, and then in addition, if you are on the system, then you are also paying upline in the form of tool purchases for the priviledge of giving them bonuses with your product purchases. Upline will tell you that this is fair or a level playing field but think about it. Is it fair for someone to get a cut of your profits forever simply because they signed up ahead of you?

It is why your upline diamonds can parade around on stage with designer suits and show you their fancy cars and mansions and other toys. It is because they are cashing in on your efforts. You are making their dreams come true. Your dedication to moving volume and purchasing standing orders are fulfilling dreams. The upline dreams. Yes, someday you can hope to have your own group of downline to exploit for your own benefit, but unless you are adding members to your group regularly, you will never achieve the kinds of dreams that uplines talk about. In the meantime though, you are definitely helping someone upline achieve their dreams with every function you attend. Ironically, the upline leaders will tell you to never quit, even if they don't know your personal circumstances and/or how your business is progressing.

Here's a challenge for IBOs and/or prospects who are being recruited into the Amway business. 100 PV will cost around $300 a month and dedication to the tools system will cost you around $150 to $250 a month on average. (The cost of these purchases may vary and these are very general estimates.) Would you not be better off simply writing a check to your upline for $100 and not even joining? Would you not be better off staying home and watching television instead of joining? If you read all of the information available on this blog and still decide to join, good luck to you, but remember this: Whose dreams are being fulfilled by your participation?
Yours or your upline?


Anonymous said...

I did Quixtar for about a year and quit - I feel too pushy trying to sell people stuff. I don't disagree with the model though. It's the only way I've seen for someone with little or no education to have a chance at making passive income later in life. It takes work, a lot of work, to become a diamond and I feel they deserve the money that comes their way. It's the reward for the time, money and effort they put in. I read through several of your blogs and you put these people down, but what alternative do you offer - working for the rest of their lives only to die with nothing? Everyone wants a better life and to make enough money to do and have the things they desire - it's not wrong to want that and this is one avenue that can offer them that if they do the work to get it. I chose the route of going to school forever (doctorate) and starting a software company 10 years ago. I make way more than a diamond ever would, but I worked my ass off to get where I'm at. Very few people have the skill set or opportunity to do what I've done, so if they find another route to get there that is ethical and they don't hurt anyone in the process, then why is it wrong? The books and tapes helped me build the company I have now and they help to lift people up to a better way of thinking. I still read those types of books daily and it helps me stay motivated. The big difference though is that once a diamond has his business built, he does not have to put in much more effort to receive the money. I, on the other hand, have to work my ass off every day managing contracts and staff to get my money. I doubt I'll ever stop doing this because I love it, but the day I stop is the day the money stops. I would have to grow my company a lot more to get to the point where I'm not needed, which is my goal, but it's a much harder path than with Amway. The diamond does not face this dilemma - they get paid as long as their network stays together. So somewhere in all your Amway bashing, give an alternative if you really want to change the minds of people.

Anonymous said...

An alternative passive income that you can tap into for the rest of your life? eBay. It's as simple as that.

No burning money for gas driving all around the State to attend ridiculous group meetings. No wasted money on motivational books and CD's (who the hell under the age of 30 even owns CD's anymore). No paying out of pocket for travel and tickets to pointless rah-rah don't have to make uncomfortable scripted calls to your family and friends in an attempt to sell them overpriced bullshit that you can buy at any CVS or Walgreen's. Oh, and an added can look yourself in the mirror every morning and not want to vomit.