Friday, September 5, 2014

Is The Truth A "Negative" In Amway?

One of the silly things many IBOs are taught is to avoid negative. I believe this is taught today by uplines and it was certainly a point of emphasis even in my days as an IBO. The upline diamond would say that the world of full of negatives and that we as people take in too much of these negatives. Therefore, the IBOs were told to avoid television, newspapers and other forms of communication with the outside world. The group was also told to avoid people who speak negatively about Amway. For this reason, many people have considered Amway groups such as WWDB or N21 as cultish or cult-like. (information deprevation or information control).

I can agree that you surely don't want to only take in only negatives as it can wear you down, but not seeing the news or reading about current events in the paper simply makes you apathetic and uninformed. For example, wouldn't you want and need to know if there was a storm heading your way? I live in Hawaii and we occasionally have hurricanes. Avoiding news could be very detrimental to your family and home. If you lived in the midwest of the US, wouldn't you want and need to know if a tornado was headed your way? Do you avoid the doctor because his assessment of your health might not be "positive"? For these reasons, I believe that many Amwayers walk around wearing a mask with a false smile, trying to overly positive.

Another important thing that many IBOs cannot distinguish is the difference between negative and the truth. If your wife asks you if her new dress makes her look fat, the truth might be that the new dress indeed makes her appear fat. That answer may be uncomfortable for you to deliver, but the truth is the truth. The truth at times can be positive or negative but it is still the truth.

Most IBOs earn less than $100 a month. That is the truth. Most IBOs lose money if they participate in functions and standing orders and such. That is the truth. Most IBOs will never even sponsor a downline. That is the truth. Most IBOs, filled with motivation and dreams, will never see those dreams fulfilled. That is the truth. Many upline diamonds, who advise IBOs to purchase tools and attend functions, and fill the IBO's heads full of dreams, make significant incomes from the sale of tools and functions. That is also the truth. In a 1 year timespan, approximately 50% of IBOs will quit. That is the truth.

Is it negative to tell the truth? Or can IBOs not handle the truth?


Anonymous said...

I think some Ibo's are so brainwashed it doesn't matter what u show them. They can handle the truth. I've downloaded some free audio from wwdb and that stuff messes up your mind. When you listen throughout the day communike,DVDs,upline text,calls from other cult members. Its hard to get back thinking like a normal person.

Joecool said...

You're right For that reason, IBOs are encouraged to stay plugged in because if you stop, you might snap out of it and stop the tools. LOL

Anonymous said...

Joe, I ran into another pro Amway site. The guy sounds like Bridgett and ibofb. Nonstop defending Amway and the kingpins. Told me the 99% failure or 1 in so many thousands make diamond is wrong. Said something about if u buy or sell products it increases your success rate by 50%. If you buy products,show the plan,and stay in the business for 5+ years. Chances improve to a point where making emerald or diamond is good odds. I snicker at how he spins his nonsense. Like ibofb/Bridgett he has a answer for everything. Just a bloody know it all and can't debate the guy

Joecool said...

Do you remember what the site is called?

IBOFB and Bridgett will spin and even lie to make Amway look good.

Funny, both of them have beenin Amway a long time and neither of them are anywhere near emerald as far as I know.