Saturday, September 6, 2014

Is Amway Saturated?

Lots of people have opinions about the Amway opportunity and obviously, criticism and defenses of Amway. Amway's been around and in my opinion, is saturated. Saturaton doesn't mean every single person has gotten involved with Amway. When I say saturation, I mean many people have been involved, or have known people who were involved, and/or have been recruited or proepected by Amway IBOs. We also know that with saturation comes stagnation and thess of an ability to find prospects and to make profits.

Look at the US. While there might have been some new diamonds, my old LOS, WWDB hasn't produced any new diamonds in the US as far as I know. I also know that some diamonds have quit, died and left the business. Some Amway defenders might rebutt that by saying there are many new platinums, which may be true, but it is also true that many other platinums may not have qualified as platinum again. If there were truly all these new platinums, we should see new diamonds and other big pins but it seems these folks are quite rare these days.

One the defenses I've heard as to why Amway is not saturated is that there are hundreds of thousands of people graduating high school and becoming adult each year. While that is the defense which might be true, that is also the only reason why Amway hasn't almost completely saturatedm because new eligible people are added to the population each year. If we were to remove people under the age of 30 from Amway, who would be left? There would be relatively few people left if that were to happen.

What happens at saturation point is what we see now. You may get new people in the system, but for the most part, they are just replacing people who quit. Those who are successful in Amway are those who are able to successfully relace those to quit. Without the churn, your business will slowly decline until you cease to qualify for bonuses. Even some of the big leaders at times, see declines, but we might now know because Amway's policy is "once a diamond, always a diamond". Meaning once you qualify, you wear the pin forever.

It is possible to still succeed in Amway? Yes, it's possible, but it looks like it is getting harder and harder, because the opportunity, at least in the US in basically saturated.


Anonymous said...

The north american market had problems producing diamonds when critics like you and others appeared on the net. I didn't notice things being that bad before. Of course their prices are bad and have no improvement in the marketing plan for the newer Ibo's.

Joecool said...

Thanks for the comments. I believe with the popularity of he internet, the diamonds had no way to hide their lies and deception and people can easily find information if they search for it.

Anonymous said...

Before I thought only wwdb was mainly affected by critics like you and Anna. But apparently yager group has little going on with new diamonds in north america also. I wonder if the internet and saturation will ever affect Asia? When I lived in Thailand and travel around Asia. People don't surf the net as much as north americans

Joecool said...

As I stated, saturation hasn't happened because there are suckers born each minute'

Anonymous said...

Was on Instagram commented on a pic posted. This wwdb Ambot said he was proud of his down line for using a marker and drawing the plan on board n aisle. I commented why is there a need to even draw circles? In today's technology one can show it on a tablet,DVD,smartphone etc. Also why are they always dressed in a suit? Plus the old tech of having communike voicemail. Absolutely dead silence by the ambots. Not only are they saturated. But the dinosaur kingpins are still marketing this like its the 70s