Friday, December 5, 2014

Amway IBOs Make Money Or Make Excuses?

I've been a blogger now for a number of years. I've debated with Amway apologists and they ultimately resort to excuses and/or personal attacks when they run out of defenses. Food for thought, when you have to make excuses about why your opportunity isn't a scam or a pyramid scheme, that should already make you stop and think for a minute. The easy excuse is to say that "my group isn't like that". Yet I see testimonies and statements that indicate to me that things have not changed, even in all the years since I left the Amway business myself.

Even the product's prices need to be justified. That there is concentration or other factors that really make Amway stuff a better value. Strange how that better value doesn't seem to translate further once an IBO realizes that there is no residual income at the end of the rainbow. Many IBOs don't seem to mind paying for Amway stuff when they believe that they will one day walk the beaches of the world while more money than they can count will keep rolling in. When the dream fades, so does the desire to purchase these awesome products. If not, with tens of millions of former IBOs, Amway sales should be through the roof after all these years. But it hasn't. Although Amway recently reported an increase in north american sales, that wasn't the case in the last 10 years. Amway apologists even have excuses about why that is the case.

Amway also reported recently, that they have updated their average IBO income. While it is still miserable, it has gone up, although a clear explanation as to how and why they calculated the "average income" was not apparently given. So the debate continues. Critics analyzing and predicting how and why, and Amway apologists making excuses and justifying their position. Why not just be transparent and end the debate once and for all? I think most people know the answer. The bottom line for most is whether or not they make a net profit. For the vast majority of IBOs, especially the ones on the system, the answer is a net loss. It is predictable and easy to conclude. The 6-4-2 or any other version of the compensation plan clearly shows that very few people can make any decent money. If a platinum IBO typically has 100 or more IBOs, that is your answer there. It should be noted that a platinum might not even be very profitable if they are sold out on buying system tools.

So IBOs and Amway defenders, are you making money (net profit)? Or are you just making excuses?


Anonymous said...

I would like to see the top defenders ibofb and Bridget's net profit. The years they where active. Not just the usual bs and liesbfrom them. But their tax returns from the years they are involved. Recently I talked to a platinum who obviously lied about his net income. Told me he is financially secure based on his platinum income and been retired because of Amway.

Joecool said...

I bet they don't make more than minimum wage part time from Amway.

Anonymous said...

The Amway products are a joke. I joined their Telstra Amway phone service. I can't be serviced by any of the direct Telstra shops or call centre. Amway have their own call Centre which services their phone customers. Its a massive JOKE. The routine which I've experienced for the past 5 months is you call, wait anywhere between 12-18 minutes only to be told no one can answer the call and leave a message. Then it takes them anywhere from 3-22 days to respond. This has happened no less than 6 times. The most recent one being December 2014. Their excuse that they're receiving higher than expected calls due to iPhone 6 orders is running thin. Its more like they don't give a rats about servicing their 'customers'. Good luck selling this product to your friends and family. If you try to sell it, you should burn in hell.

Joecool said...

Not sure about burn in hell, but Amway is pretty scammy and most people will end up losing money as a result of their involvement.