Monday, December 8, 2014

Join Amway And Pay Amway To Work For Them!

What happens to many unsuspecting people is they join Amway thinking they will attain wealth and riches by "owning their own business", but in reality, they have basically become unpaid commissioned employees of Amway. You don't get health insurance, vacation, or any fringe benefits. You get to work unlimited hours and you get commission by moving products. You can leverage your commissions by increasing this unpaid sales force by sponsoring others into your downline. But overall, you are basically working to move Amway products at your own expense. You even get to pay for catalogs so you can move Amway products. You'd think the product brochures would be free but they aren't.

Some people do succeed employing this method, but you will need to be an elite recruiter in order to get people to sell Amway products for no salary. You are also handicapped right from the start because past IBO behavior has soiled Amway's reputation in the US and Canada and possibly other locations. This point is supported by the fact that Amway's sales appear to be growing the most in foreign countries and not as much in North America. Seems that everyone I know has been at one time, involved with Amway (and had a bad experience) or knows of someone who had a bad experience (i.e. tricked into attending a meeting, or deceived in some way about the opportunity or the products). But somehow, there seems to be just enough unknowing or unsuspecting people who keep joining and the churn produces enough volume to keep the system going.

Even if you are a great recruiter, your likelihood of attaining Amway success (emerald or higher) is a tiny fraction of 1%. And for those who attain Amway success, they have great difficulty in sustaining that level. It is why there are hoards of "former" emeralds, diamonds and platinums. How can anyone succeed in a system where most people do little or nothing and where nearly half of the IBOs quit in the first year? If they survive that, they are still unlikely to sponsor others and move enough volume to help make a significant difference.

You may hear about how Amway was found "legal" by the FTC or that Amway is #1 in online health and beauty sales. All of this may or may not be true, but it doesn't change the fact that an IBO is basically an unpaid commissioned Amway salesperson. You absorb all the business expenses, pay for your own training, and you get to share your commission with layers of upine (more middlemen), some of whom do not help your business, and some who don't even know you exist. It's a great deal for Amway but not for IBOs. You move their products and aborb the expenses and in doing so and they pay out a commission. As for any awards or credits Amway receives, it's great for Amway, but you are an IBO - an independent business owner. You are not Amway.

Bottom line - if you can get people to work for free, you can find numerous opportunities to get rich that are much better and more lucrative than Amway. :-)


Anonymous said...

"It's a great deal for Amway but not for IBOs. You move their products and absorb the expenses and in doing so and they pay out a commission. "

And a very small commission at that. When you hear Ambots bragging about the billions Amway makes, they kind of leave out the part of they themselves not being a part of that wealth. The quote above is WHY Amway at the top is so rich. They have basically slave labor working for them, pushing their products, paying for the literature, self-consuming the products, all for a DREAM... and a false dream at that.

When they say "Amway has been around doing this for 50 years", all that says is they are good at tricking people into being small commission-only sales people. As long as they can keep finding new suckers to pick up for those who wise up (or run out of money) they'll be around making lots of money that never trickles down to the lowly Ambots.

Joecool said...

Good post! Yes, just about any company can be profitable if your unpaid employees foot all the advertising and distribution costs for you, and become your best customers to boot! It is why Amway's owners are billionaires.

Anonymous said...

I knew people who where Ibo's for more than 12 months. Earning zero commissions because they sold or consumed less than 300.00 and never signing anyone up. I'm sure many people are in this group buying tools and making zero commissions.

Joecool said...

Most people make nothing or lose money in Amway. The churn is what keeps feeding the diamond lifestyles.

Anonymous said...


FYI: Lia Sophia (mlm fashion jewely giant) announced it is closing their doors as of 12/17/2014. Why is there little to no info anywhere? Just thought you'd like to go to town on this one. This is not a little thing. I believe it will rock the mlm world and the mlm world will begin to spin the crap out of it. What's your take?

Joecool said...

I've never heard of Lia Sophia, I'll have to look into it.