Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Are Some Amway Leaders "Bad" People?

Over the many years of Amway's existence, their reputation in the US and Canada has tanked. And it's not due to Amway the corporation, but rather Amway IBO leaders who teach and condone unethical behavior. Of course, I don't know of any significant measures that Amway has taken to discipline some of their wayward IBOs, but that's another story. However, it's apparent to me that some Amway leaders really are just not good people. They will do and say anything even lie to recruits to make a buck off them. They will sell false hopes and dreams to make their living.

During my blogging career, I've seen young people who were discouraged from attending college so they could build an Amway business. I've personally seen people go bankrupt and lose their homes because they followed the advice of their all knowing uplines. Sure, people have some responsibility for their actions but I feel as if some of these kinds of actions by some IBOs and IBO leaders is predatory, and focuses on people who can least afford to funnel money into the business and the leech teaching systems such as WWDB or Network 21. Downlines are taught to trust in their upline and to follow their advice, and to make it worse, the uplines then blame the IBOs for any failures.

I've seen ridiculous product claims such as people claiming that bottled water could cure ills and make you athletically superior. Of course this water costs about $50 a case when you could buy 10 cases of water at WalMart for the same price. They claim superiority in their vitamins without unbiased scientific evidence to support their claims. Perhaps that is why the Amway vitamins seemingly are consumed nearly exclusively by IBOs themselves. Nobody except IBOs buy the stories and the prices of Amway diamonds.

Despite claims by Amway supporters and IBOs that things are changing in Amway for the better, there is plenty of evidence that nothing has changed. Outrageous income claims. I thought the Dateline show exposed some crazy stuff with an IBO leader claiming that people could earn $250K per year with a part time effort, but then my friend Rocket finds this gem with an IBOAI member and crown ambassador in WWDB/Amway claiming you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month:

I wonder if Brad Duncan himself even makes that kind of money. Ironically, his triple diamond brother (Greg) wasn't even close to that when his bankruptcy papers were exposed a few years ago.

So to Amway prospects and apologists, the Amway corporation itself may be perfectly legal and clean, but the root of many evils comes from Amway uplines and AMO leaders. It is for this very reason that many get turned off just at the mention of the Amway name. Amway can stop them, but will they?


Anonymous said...

I heard first hand of outrageous claims by brad Duncan. Told our group he owns a lear jet and he with Greg is making a mil a month. He fly's his jet to meet up with Greg at a ritzy mansion in the mountains to have dinner with. I couldn't sign up anyone and didn't last long. But I met a emerald in the Jim Janz group. Where this person set me straight on income claims. Saying he doesn't know many who make a mil a year as a distributor for Amway.

Joecool said...

Funny, Greg Duncan filed for CHAPTER 7 bankruptcy around 2009 and in the bankruptcy documents, it showed that he made about 50K a month from Amway and 50K a month from tools and functions. He was nowhere near a million a month. He lost his home to foreclosure and I wonder where he lives now, He even took out a loan for 1 million dollars from Amway. I doubt that Greg owns any jets unless he did it by going into debt.

Anonymous said...

Even if the income claims where true. I couldn't see myself making anything. Doesn't matter if its a multi billion company. Only thing which matter is your own net profit.

Joecool said...

That's the point that many IBOs miss. Amway can make billions but it means nothing if you as an IBO aren't making a good profit.

Anonymous said...

Joe, even at platinum or ruby. Unless you're netting 4-5k monthly. Is it really worth it otherwise for anything less? If your hourly average is 5-10.00/h as platinum or ruby.No point in conning friends into a deal where 99% lose money.

Joecool said...

Platinums and Ruby don't make that much money if they are dedicated to the tools and functions. I believe platinums can actually lose money if they are completely sold out on the tools. There is documentation that this is true.