Monday, March 30, 2015

Amway Versus College

Many IBOs justify their involvement in the system of cds, tapes, books and seminars by comparing it to college. They claim they need this education and that it is much cheaper when compared to a college or university. Of course this is the upline propaganda that IBOs are fed, much like the concept that a job is a bad idea. If recruiters are encouraging you to build Amway and to drop college, I would run away as fast as possible. It is well documented that college graduates in general, earn much more than non college graduates. I'd also mention that college was a fun experience for me.

In college, it is true that not everyone graduates, but approximately half of those who start college end up graduating. Those who do not graduate still benefit from their education on a year to year or course by course basis. When you are job seeking, a college degree will give you more options than those who don't educate. This claim cannot be made by Amway IBOs. The education an IBO receives by seminars and cds do not even equate to success in Amway, much less in other venues in life. Only a small fraction of IBOs ever reach platinum, which supposedly is the break even point. So as an IBO, you have less than one half of a one percent chance to break even as compared to approximately a 50% chance of graduating college.

Also, once you graduate and receive your degree/diploma, it is complete. You have your degree and no more education is required. In Away, your education will never end. You'll be expected to invest in the tools and functions forever. Also, in Amway, there are many many many examples of people who reached levels as high as diamond or above who could not maintain the level. There are also many examples of diamonds who quit Amway. If there were such a thing as "residual" income, why would anyone quit when they could sit back and watch the cash roll in. I think the answer is quite obvious.

There is also no evidence (as far as I know) that your Amway related education of cds and seminars actually work. The tiny fraction of 1% of successful IBOs is not a good case for arguing the success of the system. Colleges on the other hand, have accreditation standards, which is nothing like the ineffective Amway accreditation of groups such as BWW, WWDB or Network 21. The results are quite telling if you look at them analytically.

The fact that IBOs even dare to compare a college education to their teaching in Amway is a joke. Try telling a prospective employer about your Amway education and see what that gets you. LOL


Anonymous said...

You couldn't be more right!

They don't want people who think logically, critically, or even irrationally..... they want people who can't think for themselves at all.

Case in point... A friend of mine who is part of LTD has an Up-line Mentor, Leader, Diamond, etc., that she basically echo's whatever his views or stance on things. Well this guy has a public twitter page and I like to look at it occasionally because it's just so hilarious how idiotic his posts can be... for example and tying in with your college post above, on 3/9/15 he posted "College channels ppl into low paying jobs, they become resume focused vs future focused; therefore increasing thier odds of being broke!"

My guess is that post is supposed to re-energize his lemmings into believing Amway is a better option. This way don't stop buying overpriced wheat thins, watered down energy drinks, and more importantly continue to attend and pay for all the tools, seminars, etc.,

If you want to see this and his other senseless rants & posts you can find him at:

I'd love to share more of this dude's moronic brainwashing, but sharing his page should be more than enough :)

Joecool said...

Sure they want to disparage jobs but the fact is that college grads will earn more in their lifetime (on average than non college grads. Sure they may have to start in entry level jobs but with their education and abilities to learn, they can work their way up. This is opposed to being in Amway where the IBOs earn net losses..

Anonymous said...

If people pay for a college education they won't have enough money left over to pay for Amway brainwa oops I mean tools. No kids, devote your life and spend your money instead on overpriced energy drinks and soap then spend the rest of your life trying to get others to do the same. Start looking for a job because you'll need one to pay for your Amway lifestyle. Enjoy.

Joecool said...

Great comments! And spot on!