Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Are Amway Tools Vital For Success?

Buy products, sell products, sponsor others. That is a summary of the Amway business in a nutshell. If you have bought and sold Amway products, you already possess the main skills needed to run an Amway business. If you have also sponsored downline, you probably have all the skills needed to build an Amway business. So the question is how much training and tools are needed? Is the investment in tools worth the price for what you get in return? In my informed opinion, I would have to resoundingly say "no". What makes the tools business a money pit of IBOs is that it never stops. There is never an end to the training. And the new guys and the 10 years veterans get the same training. Think about that for a minute.

For many IBOs, the tools are the reason why they are unable to profit. Voicemail for example, is an outdated tool that costs more than most IBO's bonuses. With the ability for IBOs to use email, twitter, or facebook, voicemail is an outdated and frankly, a less efficient manner for an upline to communicate with their groups. Standing orders, while some training and advice may be helpful to IBOs, a weekly subcription quickly becomes an expense that an IBO can do without. My upline swore that tapes/cds were vital in sponsoring others, but I had never sponsored, or knew of other crossline who used a tape/cd to sponsor someone. As I said, if you already sold a product and sponsored downline, you probably already possess the skills needed to build an Amway business. Uplines could easily use youtube to transmit vital information to downline if it would help downline. But cds are sold because the upline doesn't make a profit by giving you vital information via youtube.

Functions, especially the ones that require airline travel are the most costly and gives the least return on investment. You leave your home and business to attend a function somewhere. You incur a lot of cost and while you are gone, your business is closed. For most IBOs, they will never recoup the expense of one of these functions, let alone having multiple functions througout the year. Also, the functions appear to be more of a social event than an actual business seminar. Sure, the bright lights and touching speeches may inspire you, but how does that translate into business growth? I never observed appreciable growth in my group or crossline as a result of a big function. Sure, there may be exceptions, but overall, the functions were just a drain on IBO resources. It did not result in increased sales unless the fired up IBOs sponsored others who bought products. Teaching some to sell product wasn't a part of the function.

It is my observation that when uplines talk about tools being "needed", they are saying it because upline needs you to buy tools. For many uplines, the tools business is their primary business with Amway being secondary. Some uplines earn far more from the tools sales than from Amway. For that reason, the tools sales are "needed". If you are new or seeking information, try asking upline or your sponsor, what tangible benefit can be received by attending a big function. My sponsor told me that he could not describe the event, that I simply "needed" to attend it in person and see for myself. After my first major function, I did not see what the big deal was. I had to use time off from work, incur some fairly large expenses for travel and it did not result in business growth. Ironically, my business would have had a net profit if I had not attended the function.

So are tools needed? It is my opinion that some tools may be helpful to an IBO, but if the tools do not directly teach you to sell Amway products or result in you being able to sponsor downline, the tools purchases can be questionable as it won't help your bottom line. However, your continued tool purchases greatly benefits your upline diamond's bottom line. Always remember that the training is supposed to result in more sales or more sponsoring. If it doesn't, you should assess whether you "need" anymore training until that happens.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a movement of Amway truth shills who seek out and work their way into Amway meetings. I wouldn't recommend doing it alone and it would take some balls for even two or three people together to enter an enclosed area full of people who are stoned on Amway. It would be fun for someone to politely raise their hand and ask: "Excuse me, when is the question and answer period?" Or, "I'm sorry, I may be a little slow but I must have missed the part where you discussed the business expenses of doing Amway, could you touch on that one more time?" etc. Kind of like a little Amway sting. They have a practiced response to virtually every question and neat little escapes when cornered but it would be good entertainment just to direct them in that whole tap dance they do. Of course their meetings are meticulously choreographed to avoid such things because truth and reality is to Amway what light is to a cockroach.

Joecool said...

Great comment. More than likely the diamond would avoid being put on the spot by saying you should ask the person who invited you to the meeting,

It would be great if you did it in a small group setting were some newbies and prospects were around though.