Thursday, January 28, 2016

What Can Be Better Than Amway?

One of the silly comments I often receive on this site is that Joecool should offer suggestions about what might be better than Amway since I make comments against the Amway opportunity. First of all, I would like to make clear that most of my point of contention is against the tools companies and not Amway itself. Having said that, I believe Amway can and should have done more to prevent IBO abuse by upline and tool selling companies. But I believe Amway has not because the uplines are the ones who recruit new IBOs and teach (defacto) 100 PV quotas to new IBOs, thus keeping Amway sales consistent. Uplines also teach product loyalty.

But what can be better than Amway? Well, since most IBOs earn less than $25 a month, there are many things better than Amway. Working part time for a wage would be more beneficial to most people who get involved in Amway. Buying and selling items for a profit on Ebay is likely to get you more income than selling Amway products. Heck, a lemonade stand on the roadside is likely to get you more income than an Amway business. Even staying home and watching TV is better for most people instead of building Amway because watching TV has no business expenses.

What makes the Amway business financially dangerous to many, is not necessarily Amway and Amway products, but the involvement in Amway training such as voicemail, standing orders, functions and other materials. This training is promoted as the key to Amway success, but as far as I know, there is ZERO unbiased documented evidence that any of this materials work. In my old LOS, Worldwide Dream Builders, or WWDB, the same leaders I saw more than 10 years ago are still there and there are very few new diamonds that I know of. I would guess that there were "some" new diamonds, but there are also many diamonds who are no longer in business. Kind of makes me wonder why diamonds would quit or resign from Amway if they could "walk away" and continue to collect "residual income". Perhaps this residual income is a myth prepetuated by your LOS. Afterall, Amway doesn't mention anything about residual income and I'm certain they would mention it if it were an actual benefit of being an IBO.

What is really discouraging is that so many eager and motivated people get caught up thinking their financial dreams and goals will be achieved by their involvement with the Amway opportunity. Sadly, most will end up losing money because of the very training that was supposed to bring them success! Even the fiercest of Amway defenders have no documented proof of success. It appears that Amway success is elusive even to the most dedicated of IBOs. I have been running this blog (and another blog previously) going back to 2006. Many people have commented and came and gone, some making big claims that they will go diamond and come back to rub my face in it. Not a single IBO has returned with any evidence of achievements from Amway in all these years.

So what's better than the Amway opportunity? Seems just about anything. In fact if you are involved in the training system, donating $100 a month to charity and doing nothing else would make you better off financially than particpating in Amway and the related training. Doing nothing would make you better off. Watching football games would also likely make you better off financially than Amway and the training systems. My recommendation (but you must make your own decision) is to simply find part time work and invest your extra income wisely. It isn't quick or flashy, but you are likely to benefit long term. Of course, your mileage may vary. Good luck on whatever you choose to do.


Joecool said...

Thanks for the comments. However, once an IBO is indoctrinated, you can't change their minds. Your friend believes because the hope or dream is better than the reality of working 30 years or more to retire. But let me address your points:

1. I was also taught that the business was about relationships. That if we "helped" enough people, it would eventually lead to the road to riches. That Amway was a people business and therefore, building relationships was building the business. But when you translate this, it becomes being nice to people so you can view them as potential recruits for the business. Your family and friends recognize this and begin to avoid you. The only way an IBO can snap out of it is to see the light and stop denying the undeniable.

2. When I was an up and coming IBO, I was out almost very night showing the plan for myself or my downline, and if not, stalking for new recruits at the local malls or coffee shops. I ended up quitting some things I enjoyed such as my bowling league and such in order to focus on the business, but luckily, I began to suspect the scam and snapped out of my Amway induced trance on my own. But your entire existence is spent trying to build your business and this is when the term Amway zombie is appropriate.

3. Ironically, I've heard the shopping smarter thing also. The premise is that you get paid to shop Amway and not WalMart or any other retailer's name that you can insert. We were told that no matter if Amway might cost more. One pays you and one doesn't. The logic leaves an IBO's mind because so what if Amway pays me 50 cents to buy something when it costs $20 more than WalMart? Many IBOs miss that part or begin to justify their actions by saying Amway products are the highest quality or that Amway is concentrated so you actually have more product. (Be careful not to spill any Amway product when it's so heavily concentrated, LOL). Anyway, if you actually do the math with an open mind, there's no way Amway can be the logical choice of a consumer. Most "customers" are sympathetic family and friends.

There's no use in arguing or name calling a friend who's indoctrinated. Just be pseudo supportive so he doesn't label you as "negative" and avoid you. That way you can insert some thoughts into his mind such as asking if he's making a net profit, or if he's getting back more taxes (due to business losses) this year due to Amway.

I'd be interested to hear how things went after your next encounter with him. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Was in Amway/BWW for 5 years till 2012. Made it to (fake) silver pin. I am very happy with my decision of not doing Amway any more.

I was tired of all the lies, deception and fakeness around. And then I met a few of those Amway people last week or so, and they are still doing the same thing.

Faces change, their old ways are still the same. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!

Joecool said...

I felt the same way but I was only at 4000 PV

Anonymous said...

So I am currently being recruited as a IBO for WWBD. My friend talked me into going to the meetings and meeting some of the uplines. She went live a few months ago so she is excited about it all.

Whats funny is my upline or sponsor told me to do some research to prove how great WWDB and Amway are. I guess he thought I would just do the minimum research only going to the sites he suggested and see all the great things that will happen. Luckily I am the type that knows how to use the internet so I did a lot of digging. I had questions like "Is this a selling business to a tool buying business?" and "The cost of the products compared to going to the store?" And Blogs like this one plus many others just confirmed what I was thinking when I started this process.

A lot of your points I have heard during meetings and from my friend. The whole they are better quality to higher concentrate bs. I told them I was very skeptical about this whole thing. I was told that was a good thing. (but I am sure in his mind he was cussing me out for not being a drone).

So now I am worried about my friend. I still go to the meetings (with no intentions to buy into it all) but to watch out for her. I know at one point I am going to have to tell them I am not interested and walk away. And just watch from the sidelines until she quits her existing business to do Amway full time.

I do like the positive teachings it teaches but just not at the price of friendships, family, and your dignity. I mean I could not live with myself knowing I was making people below me buy a bunch of crap each month (products, and Tools) when they are struggling to just make rent.

Like you said JoeCool. I will have her back and be there for her when she sees its not the golden ticket she is led to believe it is. Thanks again for the blog.

Anonymous said...

hi can you tell me more about the what you know about amway/BWW? I'm being recruited for them and most of the blog is about another tools company and not BWW, which you seem to be associated with for a long time. Please leave me your contact info.

Joecool said...

BWW is basically the same as WWDB. Pretty much the same concepts and the same teachings.