Monday, October 17, 2016

Controlling Time And Money = Amway Success?

One of the big things that the speaker hit on when I heard the plan was time and money. He said because of the job, you may have money, but not enough time to do what you enjoy. He went onto say that if you have no job, you may have a lot of time, but you'll be broke and won't be able to do what you enjoy. He also said that controlling time and money is essentially financial freedom. This concept appeals to many and makes sense in the big picture of life. Afterall, who wouldn't want to retire early and have enough cash to travel the world and only do fun things?

But the reality is that nearly ever single IBO who registers for the Amway opportunity and the tools system, will never realize this dream. An Amway recruiter may paint a nice picture of how simple the business is, and that you can simply buy products and get others to copy or duplicate you and before you know it, you will be in control of time and money, and live "happily ever after". At one time, I believed it myself.

The more likely case however, will be that the business, including the system of cd's and functions, will cause you to have less time and money. In general, the Amway (and partner store) products costs more than your local big box retailers, and the cost of the systems add up to at least several hundreds of dollars if you are "CORE" (CORE = following the Amway teaching system). Thus ironically, what many seek more of, they end up with less of, because of the business and the related activities. The functions and other educational materials take up valuable time and resources from the IBO and rarely ever results in any kind of significant return on the investment. Most IBOs would be better not getting involved.

Time and money, think about it. Are you getting more or less of it because of your involvement? I recall thinking how great it would be to actually have control of more time and money. But my involvement with Amway, ironically left me with significantly less of both. I spent much time working the business hard and it cost a lot of money to work the business hard. The only beneficiary was my upline who profited from my efforts and tool purchases.


Amway Review said...

Amway Recruiters are good at convincing people that joining Amway will give them time and money. Actually, the ones who do make some money are the ones who are good at gathering people at the meetings. Many times the presenter.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. My significant other has been involved into Amway. She drinking the Kool-Aid. I came across your blog couple of months ago. I just decided to comment today. The Amway salesrep are now moving to social media (I think this is new tactic), their FB and Instagram are filled with ads for Amway products. Showing how their life is so good with these products, pathetic! Other than that they are now showing the plan person-to-person using Skype or etc.

Anonymous said...

After you sign up as an IBO, you will realize that you are still on the "job", you are not totally free, your time belongs to your upline.

Nick M said...

I have a brother who has been "drinking the Kool-Aid" for 30 years now and doesn't have a pot to p*** in. I asked him one time when we were traveling with another family member what his business plan was. He said he had it "in his head", I went on to explain that was a "business idea" until he had it down on paper. I asked if he could "sell" his Amway business. He said "why would I ever want to do that?". I explained people built up businesses all the time and sell them at a profit to start new ventures. He said he cant sell the business because that's not the way it works. I'm sure these were questions he never had to deal with nor had given any thought to. He "imposes" on friends and other extended family members for money and a "vehicle to drive" to Amway functions which are hundreds of miles from where he lives. I've never given him anything in a long, long time because he will be deviant in what he really needs "support for" and that is to go to Amway functions and get more smoke blown up his A**. I have talked to other family members about an intervention but I doubt that would do any good either. Instead of the "Flush that job" slogan its "Flush your money, life, friends, family" down the old crapper. It is really a pathetic situation at this point and I'm sure he'll go to his grave dreaming about that BIG YACHT and MANSION that will never be.

Joecool said...

Hi Nick and thanks for the comments. Yeah, most people snap out of it on their own buy sadly, your brother and my former sponsor seems to have bitten the Amway bug hard. An intervention likely would not help because they are so ingrained and indoctrinated into the belief that Amway is their golden ticket.

It's possible to sell an Amway business but unlikely you ever will. For one thing, you really don't own anything except your "spot" on the Amway pyramid. You probably have little or no inventory, and no equipment or employees.

You also have to offer to sell your business to all upline first, but they have no reason to buy your business because your downline all default to upline if you are gone. And because you basically have no equity, your business has very little value.

It's just really sad when people waste their lives chasing an Amway dream that never comes.

Lorikeets said...

To Nick,
That is a really sad story about your poor brother. I can't even imagine how awful it must be to have watched him all those years in the dreadful situation of his own making to which he is oblivious. From the outside the strength of belief in amway is just impossible to understand particularly when it is so destructive. If your relationship with him could survive an intervention should it not work what more is there to lose? However if he were to actually see amway for what it is 30 years of regret might be very difficult to resolve. I hope that you have a good relationship with him as I think it's so important. With my amway devoted friend I am stuck between not respecting such blind obedience and seeing his hopeful, caring, kind and dignified side. It's painful.

Anonymous said...

Dude that is seriously so sad.