Monday, October 24, 2016

Why Amway Doesn't Work?

After years of studying Amway and blogging, I've noticed some thing taught by IBO leaders that simply do not make any sense. It doesn't make sense business wise and it just doesn't add up. I know that sometimes, you need to think outside of the box and go against the grain to succeed, but some of the IBO practices are simply insane and it's no wonder that so many IBOs fail in their pursuit of their Amway "dream".

Most IBOs never sponsor a a single downline and relatively few products are sold to non IBOs. These are the reasons why most IBOs do not turn a profit but for some reason, many IBOs still seem to think that training materials are worth the money they pay for them. I wonder if IBOs actually assess and analyze whether the tools actually help their business or not? You attend functions and listen to advice on cds but is your sales volume going up or not?

Buy from yourself. A fairly common practice. It is okay to support your business, but if you are the primary or only customer, you won't make money. Any profit you might turn is coming out of your own pockets. I don't know of any successful stores where the primary customers are the owner and the store employees. Yet some IBOs think this is how they will succeed. Many mistakenly think they will just buy from themselves and sponsor an army of downline. Congratulations, if you succeed, you'll have built an illegal pyramid with no retail sales.

Sponsor others. So you are struggling as an IBO. But the key to success is to try to open other stores by sponsoring. As a famous Amway apologist likes to claim, you do nto get paid for sponsoring others. So why is this the emphasis for so many IBOs? Why would you think that opening more stores will make you successful? Yes, it is a way to possibly generate more volume, but your "success" will only come by having a bunch of struggling businesses under you. Is that how you wish to succeed? Also, the quest to sponsor others is probably how Amway got a bad reputation when IBOs tricked people into attending recruitment meetings and/or being deceptive when invitig someone to see the plan.

Folks, you need customers to succeed. I live in Hawaii and when tourism is slow, our local economy suffers. It's a very similar concept to your Amway business. Without customers circulating money through your business, you will eventually go out of business.


Anonymous said...

If you're in Amway and you're spending money month after month on cds and other tools, and you are consistently failing to show a profit in your business, then you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1) Am I crazy?

2) Is my up-line a thief?

3) Are these cds and tools actually useful to me?

4) Am I really a business owner, or just a member of an expensive buying club?

5) How the hell did I get roped into this scam?

I urge every Amway IBO who is reading this to become a serious and intelligent human being once more, as you used to be before joining Amway. Ask yourself the above questions, and force yourself to give each one a genuine answer. Forget about the brainless canned Am-speak that your up-line spouts to you. Forget about the mindless bullshit you hear from your asshole Platinum. THINK FOR YOURSELF! Don't let the jerks in Amway think for you.

I guarantee, if you ask yourself the above questions honestly, you'll be out of Amway in a flash. And it will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Joecool said...

Better yet, try talking to a loan officer about securing a business loan based on the "Amway plan".

Anonymous said...

They will say that: "we're serious entrepreneurs."

Anonymous said...

I need to know how to turn down a WWDB recruiter in a polite way. We've had 2 meetings and I feel bad about avoid and ignoring the messages.

Joecool said...

Just politely say you've done your due diligence and decided you don't want to run an MLM business.