Monday, November 14, 2016

Get A Job!

One of the things that IBO leaders do quite often in their recruitment pitch for Amway, is to put down people's jobs. They criticize people's bosses and the fact that an employee needs to report somewhere to earn a living. They try to paint the picture of a job being compared to slavery. They do this apparently to make people feel uncomfortable with their present situation so they will be open to looking at the Amway opportunity as a means to make a living.

So I will ask - What's wrong with a job? A job is not slavery. People apply for their jobs and they agree to a wage or salary in exchange for their services. Certainly, you can leverage a higher wage or salary if you have an education or a skill, such as being able to work in the construction field. A job ususally offers more than just a wage. A job often allows one to have benefits such as medical insurance, a 401K retirement plan, and some other benefits such as vacation and/or sick leave.

A recent site visitor bemoans concept of working for minimum wage, where a husband and wife would earn in the neighborhood of 30K if they both work full time at minimum wage. Of course, a high school student can earn minimum wage so two adult only able to generate that kind of income makes me think my site visitor is speaking of people with very little to offer an employer. Most people may start out as entry level, but earn more and more as they gain experience and can offer more to their employer.

What does the average Amway business owner experience? $115 a month income (which is probably way above average)? Most IBOs as outlined in "the plan" earn about $9 a month and may have expenses such as standing order which will take away from that tiny profit. Thus an average business building IBO stands to net a loss. It is very easy to look at the math and make that conclusion.

So I ask again. What's wrong with a job? You have a net gain each and every month, be able to pay for your living expenses, and allow you to contribute to society by paying taxes. The average CORE IBO is a drain on the US tax paying society by spening money on standing order and functions and then deducting these expenses when filing their taxes. The only beneficiary is the upline leaders who sell standing orders and function tickets. So what's wrong with a J-O-B?


Anonymous said...

IBO's are not aware that they are exploited by their upline as FREE LABOR.

Anonymous said...

Well, a couple earning only $30,00 per year would indeed be in bad shape financially, and the jobs they have would be hardly worth having. They would be close to the poverty level. Perhaps they would be living in an economically depressed community, where little work is available.

But even if that were true, it is nothing less than criminal for Amway assholes to tell such people to quit their jobs and join the lousy Amway racket. AMWAY GIVES YOU NOTHING! Amway is a pure drain on one's finances, time, and energy. A person would make more money collecting aluminum soda cans for the deposit returns.

You simply CAN'T live on $115 per month! It's crazy! I think we ought to emphasize, more and more, that nearly everyone in Amway has a job and that without this job, the Amway hobby would be impossible for them. You can't waste your time on stupid functions and night owls and worthless cd's if you don't have dependable income from some other source.

Amway freaks who claim that they are making it on Amway alone are liars, pure and simple. We need to call them out on this whenever they make the absurd claim.

Joecool said...

In Amway, you are a commission only sales person for Amway and you assume all risks and expenses for moving their product. Even at that there is a minimum quota you must meet in order to earn any commission. It's great for Amway but not so much for the IBOs.