Thursday, November 3, 2016

What Is The WWDB Eagle Program?

A frequent site visitor has asked numerous times and has doubted that there is such a thing as "Eagle" parameters. Now I don't know if WWDB still has this program, but I believe they do as I have seen some newbie IBOs mention that they are striving for Eagle. While Eagle may look like a "winner's club" of sorts to IBOs, I believe that the Eagles are basically the big money makers for the lines of sponsorship, which is probably why this program was created. Here are the general details:

Signed Counsel Sheet to Upline Diamond
300 PV personal use/retail for couples, 200 PV personal use/retail for singles
6-5-3 (PB/SO/MF) - Explained below
6 legs at 100 PV or higher
5 legs on standing order
3 legs attending major functions

Amquix info has more information:

This is the Eagle program. Since most IBOs are not able to sponsor a single downline, you can see that Eagle is probably a fairly exclusive club. But if you look at the cost of 300 or 200 PV ($900 or $600), most families would be hard pressed to move that much personal volume. Of course you can sell product, but my upline did not emphasize selling, but more personal use.

In addition to the PV, you have 5 legs on standing order and 3 legs traveling to major functions (I'm from Hawaii). The Eagle program made a lot of money for upline, but not necessarily for the IBO who held the Eagle parameters. It is possible to be an Eagle and not be at 2500 PV. However, a structure like this without the tools might be profitable. But I have never heard anyone be glorified for selling products in Amway.

But overall, the eagle program is one that ensures maximum profitability for the upline diamond, and not for the IBO. That alone, speaks volumes.

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Anonymous said...

This is EXACTLY what the Eagle Program is and you are right. It IS an exclusive Club. I remember my first Major function and noticing how the people at the bottom of the stadium where the Eagle and Double Eagle section was, it was only about 50-75 IBOs (both singles and couples) while the rest of us (in the thousands) were on the bleachers waving like a bunch of fucking fan girls. Good thing I realized the lies and got out.