Friday, February 3, 2017

Amway Crabs In A Pot?

Another funny story told by my uplines, and apparently still told today is the story of the crabs in a pot. That crabs will prevent other crabs who want to escape the pot by pulling them back in or pulling them down. The story goes that people in the working world also do this, by stepping on others to get ahead. I've never actually seen for myself if crabs actually pull each other down if one of them tries to escape, but I suppose it might be true. I do know of some people who will do anything to get ahead and they can be ruthless.

But the people who are willing to sacrifice others to get ahead do not appear to the the majority, but the exception. Many people are willing to work a career job and maybe over time, they move up the corporate ladder. Many people do this without having to "pull people down" in order to succeed. I believe this crab in the pot is just another ploy by uplines to get IBOs to think that their friends and family, by warning them of the potential perils of Amway, are just crabs pulling you back into the pot. It simply isn't true. Think about it, why are there so many negative stories and experiences floating around out there about Amway and the tool systems? Why is there a lack of new success continuosly emerging fro Amway? Who do diamonds quit or walk away from the business under unfriendly terms? Where are all the people who retired and walk the beaches of the world? Why do crown ambassadors keep working?

Maybe the success you think there is in Amway simply doesn't exist. Let me repeat. Maybe the success you were led to believe, just isn't there. Amway's been around more than 50 years. Why can't anyone name a dozen or so people who built their Amway business once, then walked away, collecting significant income since? I wonder why Amway doesn't advertise this as a benefit of being an IBO? For that matter, can anyone even name and confirm one person who built Amway and walked away to retire in untold wealth?

Speaking of crabs in a pot. Ever wonder why all these virtuous diamonds break away from their beloved mentors to form their own groups? Ever wonder why there are countless issues of diamonds suing diamonds over tool income? If the money coming in is uncountable, why can't these diamonds come to a peaceful agreement? Why use lawyers which many diamonds talk about as evil because lawsuits are often about getting something for nothing.

Maybe it is the diamonds themselves who are crabs in the pot, all pulling each other down whenever one of them is on the verge of success?


Wesley Carter said...

I have had family members quit good paying jobs making over 40k a yr starting out, to start Amway and they try to convince me of the same. They are aggressive in their approach, and they use a lot of talk about how I won't reach my dreams if I work a job. I know of countless stories on how people reached they dreams by working and moving up the ladder. They try to sell you on Amway as it is the only way to be successful. My family members that are in the amway are so manipulated by the amway business that it has caused a rift in my family. My wife tried it out for 4 months and all she was doing was spending money into it all losses. When she made the decision to quit amway my family members that do it started to treat her differently. They were just mean and nasty. Basically they were only nice to her for their benefit. I appreciate that there is a blog out there that spreads the truth on this matter.

Wesley Carter said...

My sister and brother and law are both in amway. They are constantly talking to me and my wife about us not being able to live our dreams because we are not in amway. So, my wife decided to give it a try and a couple months into it we realized that we were just sinking more and more money into this "business". All the people that we met in our meeting were transfixed by this company. It just felt strange. The meetings seemed like more like that of brainwashing sessions to get you motivated than that of a real business meeting.Granted I don't have a lot of business meeting experience but it was like the old hook with the donkey on a carrot trick. Everybody would talk about becoming a millionaire and all we did was pour money into it. You don't have to have a masters degree in business to know something wasn't right. So me and my wife decided to quit. Well since she has done that we have gotten a lot of flak from the rest of the family that is still involved in amway. I appreciate that there is a blog out that is based in truth not in lies and that isn't trying to work you for an angle for personal gain.

Joecool said...

Wesley, thanks for your comments. Your story illustrates why some people think Amway is a cult. They are nice to you and call you winners when you are sinking your money into the business, but if you leave, you become shunned. You have lost your way and you are treated different.

Amway leaders program people to think that you can't achieve dreams without Amway and that you are doomed for failure without Amway. What most people quickly realize (you and your wife certainly did) that you are just sinking more and more money into the business and not receiving what you were told. Most people realize this and quit. Some people get hooked and stay involved for years, losing tons of money.

Even my experience, where I sponsored people and moved up the ranks, did not show a profit. The training and functions ate up any profits I made so all my hard work was just to break even and upline was slowly trying to control my life. That's when I quit and my life has been much better ever since I quit Amway.

I'm glad you found good information on my blog and for that reason, I have been motivated to keep updating this blog.