Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How Likely Are You To Succeed In Amway?

Many people consider the platinum level in Amway as a significant achievement in Amway. While it may be nice to achieve that level and gain recognition from the Amway corporation, I will point out that there was a study done in Wisconsin where the attorney general analyzed and found that platinums on average, lost money. The study is somewhat dated, but I will also point out that today, there are MORE expenses associated with running an Amway business than before. (Voicemail, books, functions, standing orders, shipping). I would guess that it's very possible and likely that platinums lose more today than when the Wisconsin study was done.

A typical platinum group often has 100 ore more downline IBOs. Thus a logical conclusion is that less than 1% of IBOs can reach that level. It is also, apparently rare to maintain that level. My former upline diamond had 7 frontline platinums in his heyday. Actually, 6 of them were ruby level. None of them hold the platinum level today. So you have a less than 1% chance of reaching platinum and then you are unlikely to be able to maintain that level.

What serious prospective business owner would even consider opening a business where you have such a tiny chance of success? Even those who achieve platinum are likely to lose that level. If platinums cannot maintain their level, then it's easy to see why there are former diamonds as well. It seems that people are willing to take a chance on an Amway business because the start up cost is low. But what is the point of doing all of that when the chance of making money is negligible?

To compound the problem, many IBOs spend a lot of time and money building an Amway business that is unlikely to give them any return on their investment. I'd guess that the average serious IBO would spend $250 a month of more on tools. That money invested over a number of years in mutual funds would give you a much better chance of achieving some dreams. Even putting the money in the bank would make you better off than the vast majority of IBOs. A serious business owner would want to know their realistic chance of making money. For some strange reason, prospects and IBOs seem to ignore this reality.

It is because uplines are in the business of selling tools and distributorships. They are not truly interested in your long term sustainable success. If you don't believe me, try to stop purchasing standing orders and function tickets and see how much longer you are edified and given help from upline. Seriously, would a real business owner be interested in a less than 1% chance of success?


Anonymous said...

I don't think Amway is a Dream or a Scheme, most people that are in Amway these days are in it to save cost on goods that they personally use. I think it's more of pursuing than anything for anyone to have gotten to the highest level. If you don't continue to pursue with a lot work and focus intended then your not going to be in any of those positions. I can defiantly say this because I'm an Amway distributor but I use it as a resource to get a better quality product in my personal life and I have a main business to which I use these products in, if I do accidentally get an IBO or an order it's because they appreciate the product not how much they can make with the company.

Joecool said...

Quote: ""most people that are in Amway these days are in it to save cost on goods that they personally use.""

So how come Amway products are so much more expensive than what you can buy at a retailer?

It's because the bonuses that Amway pays are added into the cost of their products.

Amway doesn't pay bonuses from the goodness of their hearts. The bonuses come out of the price of the product.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 1:38 PM --

If you are registered in Amway just because you want to buy some Amway products, then you are NOT in the Amway business. You're just a customer.

It's the make-believe Amway business, with its hopeless "Plan," that is the Dream and the Scheme.