Thursday, March 22, 2018

Amway Disastrous From The Start?

I was thinking about how Amway prospects are invited to see the plan. In many cases, there will have been a bit of deception or half truths told in order for an IBO to get a prospect in front of the plan. But then I thought about the plan and how much deception was used in the plan itself by the speaker.

Thus, IBOs and new prospects are deceived right from the beginning. The speaker might make some small talk, and get the prospect to agree on certain small issues, such as income tax and insurance eating away at your paycheck, etc. When a prospect hears this, it will make sense and they will tend to agree and trust the speaker somewhat. After all, the speaker has been built up to be a financial whiz and all.

Then the deception begins.............

The speaker might talk about IBOs saving 30% on products right from the start, which is false. Anyone who's seen an Amway catalog can easily see that you aren't saving 30%. Just walk the aisles of WalMart or Costco and you can easily compare prices. Amway products in general, cost more than comparable products at retailers or big box stores. Amway defenders claim that WalMart doesn't sell Amway products to defend their story, but WalMart sells shampoo and laundry detergent and cleaners which often cost a fraction of what Amway charges.

Then the speaker might talk about 98% of people being dead or broke by age 65, which is not true. The speaker might talk about 90% or more of small businesses failing in the first five years. These little factoids (which are untrue) are apparently used to make other opportunities seem flawed in comparison with the Amway opportunity. If anyone does their due diligence, you will see that many of these claims made by the Amway speaker (recruiter) are also false.

The speaker might then talk about how the Amway opportunity is cheap to get started, and has little or no overhead. But the problem is that many dedicated IBOs will get hosed as their upline will begin to teach them that they need to invest in their business in the form of voicemail, book of the month, standing order and attending all meetings and functions. These expenses nearly guarantee that an IBO will end up with a net loss of income. What's more, upline may teach that this is success! Appalling!

So a question for IBOs and prospects. Is it a good opportunity when you have been lied to or deceived right from the outset?

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