Monday, March 19, 2018

Are You "Buying From Yourself"?

One of the biggest shams taught by some upline is the nearly exclusive "buy from yourself" philosophy. I'm not saying that supporting your business is a bad idea, but are you really supporting your own business? If your upline teaches this, you are being mislead and I will explain why.

When you think you are buying from yourself, you are really buying from Amway. Amway makes the profit from the sales. If you buy enough, they toss you a small rebate. Basically, you spend about $300 and get a rebate of $10. An IBO is in reality, a distributor or a middleman. Also, if you are a new IBO at the 100 PV level, you will receive 3% in the form of a bonus while your uplines and sponsor will split up approximately 29% to 30% in bonuses off your efforts, thus you get about $10 while your uplines will enjoy a share of about $90. Also, your upline might say that the "profit" you make from buying from yourself is the same as if you shopped at Costco. But wait a minute, if you shop at Costco, you get to keep the savings. If you earn a profit in Amway, you'll likely be expected to use that profit to spend on tools and functions.

Think of it this way. If your spouse was in the business of making and selling cookies, would you make money by eating all of the cookies? Even if you received a small rebate for cookie making materials, you would not profit by eating all the cookies yourself. You would have to sell the cookies to customers to have cash in your pockets. I truly do not understand how IBOs get duped into thinking they can be successful and earn money buy purchasing and consuming Amway products without selling much. Amway's own numbers suggest that IBOs do not sell much, except to their own downline and to themselves.

And upline who sell tools that teach this method are more than likely selling you a flawed system that nearly guarantees you will lose money. A rare few IBOs will emerge now and then who can overcome overwhelming odds and barriers and reach higher levels in the business, but I would have to say that more than 99%+ of IBOs who sign up will never even get close to emerald or diamond. Sadly, the buy from yourself system will only profit the higher level distributors, as well as your purchase of tools, which rewards upline for teaching a flawed system.

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Anonymous said...

"Buying from yourself" or "buying from your own store" are simply meaningless slogans. But that's the kind of thing that Amway thrives on: stupid sound-bites that can be parroted by dopes.