Wednesday, March 14, 2018

JoeCool Published On Forbes

One thing I recall one of our upline diamonds saying was that Forbes had credibility because they had published something that was somewhat positive about Amway, although this was back in the 1990's. This article is a re-print but one that I believe is very relevant and worthwhile because it's about taxes (and we are in tax season) and because the article in Forbes directly quotes an article written by yours truly. I have provided a link and the quoted portion of my blog article:

The article was written by Peter Reilly who quoted my article. It's about how the tax courts basically hose Amway IBOs who try to use functions and other excessive tools as tax write off, which are promoted by some upline. Mr. Reilly states that the tax courts seems to align with what critics (such as JoeCool) says:

""Tax Court Seems To Align With The Critics

What I found most intriguing about this decision, is that way that it mirrors critiques of the Amway experience, which seem to have their own section of the blogosphere. For example Joecool of Amway - The Dream Or The Scheme? recently wrote in a post called Amway Success?""

Submission to upline was one of the things we were told. Our group was told that upline would never purposely lead us astray so we should trust them and never try anything without checking upline.

Our group was taught to reduce debt, but ironically, upline said it was okay to go deeper in debt if it was to attend a function or to buy more cds.

Anytime we asked about how much income uplines may have been earning, we were either told it's none of our business or shown a photocopy of a 10 year old bonus check that someone upline may have received. Our proof that the business worked was upline showing off pictures of sports cars and mansions.

Losing money is success. Many times, our group was told that losing money was a sign of success. It was success because we were investing in our futures. That the business really is not about money but about friendships. I suppose upline taught this because everyone was losing money so it was nice to hear that success was around the corner, and that we were all nicer people and on our way to success if we just attended more functions and bought more standing orders.

JoeCool is on Forbes. I guess that makes me legit!

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