Thursday, June 7, 2018

Boiling A Frog?

I heard a story about how someone boils a frog. They slowly warm up the water until the frog is relaxed and then when the frog is relaxed and muscles all soft, you turn up the heat and boil the frog. Amway leaders once told this story to describe how we as people, become complacent in life and how we can get into a rut. We relax and slowly, the bills add up and next thing you know, you're working harder than ever but living in debt. And by then it's probably too late and you can never catch up - unless you join Amway of course.

That's because we live in a society where keeping up with the Joneses and consumerism with no delayed graitification is prevalent in US society. Your friend buys a new car and you not only want a new car, you probably want a better one. It's very common in the US, which is why so many Americans are living in debt, paycheck to paycheck. That doesn't make anyone a bad person, but it makes you a paycheck away from financial disaster. Many people who join Amway are young and possibly working at more entry level types of jobs and far away from conventional retirement.

I recently went to a retirement planning seminar and saw that many people don't or won't even have $100K saved up for retirement. It's a sad state of affairs and one that isn't likely to change anytime soon. I hope our readers here keep that in mind and plan accordingly. And ask yourself honestly, is Amway going to help that situation or not? Losing money certainly doesn't help your bottom line.

But what does this have to do with Amway? Well, what Amway leaders are doing is boiling frogs. Or, if you will, boiling their downline. They get you to relax and trust them and then suddenly, you need to be a serious business owner, attending ALL seminars and buying ALL tools. They'll also lure you into commitment by showing you pictures of their alleged diamond lifestyle. They might show you a copy of someone's bonus check, but they won't show you a profit loss statement. They'll show you a picture of a Ferarri, but won't show you the ownership papers. They'll show you a mansion, but not the mortgage papers they signed. I believe the diamonds show an illusion of wealth.

The diamonds will likely make you think they are financially free, living on their terms with no financial worries in the world when the reality may reveal a very different picture. When you consider that a diamond who might earn $500,000 a year is worshipped. But when you factor in taxes, business expenses, medical insurance, etc, what's left is not a jet set lifestyle, but one closer to middle class, where you need to keep working. You could argue about how hard a diamond's "job" is, but having to be somewhere at particular time to earn money is not financial freedom. And if a diamond's bonus checks were to stop, they would be in deep trouble soon after. In other words, not much different than someone with a 9-5 job.

So IBOs are actually the frogs being boiled, one function or one cd at a time. They just don't realize it.


Simita said...

I said in a previous post as someone on the outside looking in, I'm only coming to grips as to how much brainwashing and mind control I was subjected to.

Also these confidence men much like Joel Osteen, Ken Copeland are "christian" pimps hiding behind the facade of so called good works and charity.

Joecool said...

Yeah, when you are in Amway, you can be a fierce defender of the company and the diamond leaders. It's only after you step away and reflect that you begin to realize that you were taken in a scam and brainwashed.