Friday, June 1, 2018


Financial Freedom! That was one of the major battle cries when I was recruited for the Amway business. You gain control of time and money by creating residual or passive income. That is true financial freedom. You wake up at noon, no job, and just do whatever you please, whenever you please. I remember the speaker saying that broke/unemployed people also had freedom, but it was different because they were broke and could not afford to go golfing or do other activities that required money on a regular basis.

I am assuming that this is still the case for many IBOs. Of course, upline leaders may toss in a disclaimer that you don't get rich quick as an IBO, but the pitch apparently still contains the financial freedom and residual income theme, based on my experiences with IBOs. IBOs still think they will be rich. Also, 2-5 years sounds like "get rich quick" to me.

But hey, financial freedom would be a great thing, don't get me wrong. Who wouldn't want to be 35 years old with enough cash to never have to work again? I mean I could spend some time imagining how fun that would be. It would also be fun to imagine what you would do with all the cash if you hit the powerball lottery as well. But for the starry eyed IBOs, I simply have a few questions for you to ponder. A few realistic questions that you should be asking yourself. The answers to these questions will tell you a lot.

1. Who in your group or upline truly has achieved financial freedom? Have you seen their financials or simply a display of wealth such as mansions and fancy cars? Mansions and fancy cars could just be a massive pile of debt. Not too long ago, there apparently were diamonds who had their homes foreclosed, and a triple diamond who was in bankruptcy proceedings. Find out if anyone in your group/upline has actually achieved the success that they are using to recruit you. Also, if they are financially free, why do they work at function after function? Traveling and speaking might not be a traditional job, but it is still work, nonetheless.

2. Even if you find someone who is retired and golfing everyday because of Amway residual income, ask yourself what the likelihood is that you will be able to achieve the same results. If diamonds are still working, what chance do you have of success if you are new or experienced in Amway, and have few or no downline. More than likely, your chance of winning the lottery will be greater than your chance of achieving a significant residual income from your Amway business. Also, I don't know of any Amway retirees who built their business once and walked away with any significant residual income from Amway. Do you?


Anonymous said...

ICYMI and off topic but Ambots generally are swindled into a never ending line up of supplements they "buy from themselves" to save money. That they didn't buy them mostly in the first place before being suckered into Scamway is another topic.
Nevertheless, I expect the Amcult leaders will be spreading their usual misinformation to their mindless thralls to counter this:

My experience with Ambots is however that all sources of information other than upline cannot be trusted whatsoever and I expect the American College of Cardiology would be clueless compared to the infinite wisdom of the N21/WWDB uplines...
Scamway does not believe in independent validation or scientific method either but there you have it.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your blog and posts.
Amway has ruined my marriage and ruined a family's happiness.
Their products are not good and the ones they call amazing are just ok.
Make up is not so great and you can find the same ingredients at CVS or Walgreens and it is even cheaper.
The uplines were idiots.
They made you feel worthless if you did not do what they said and they became downright hostile when I refuse to have anything to do with them.
They are liars and teach you to become " friends" with anyone thus when meeting new people your real interest is not friendship at all but recruiting.
Same with your family and friends from long ago now they all become recruiting material.
They give awful ridiculous meetings and galas and the speaker doesnt show up until midnight. Why? because at that time your mind is ready to accept any stupid idea.
I hate Amway because they are liars and their products are not good

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Amway/WWDB is ruining my life too, taking our daughter away from her family, messing up her mind, and will eventually ruin her career and future happiness. I HATE AMWAY

Anonymous said...

You are spot on with regards to Amway pervs being "friends".

They treat everyone as a transactional opportunity to scam into their pyramid scheme. It is amazing to see how it turns people into obnoxious, stupid, mindless a-holes.

There are no such thing as friends to Ambots just prospects, recruits and negative people.

Amway is just plain evil.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous on June 3rd 2018 at 12:38 p.m. May I respectfully ask what it was finally made you snap out of this and stop doing Amway? I'm just searching for ways to get my loved one out of this.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon at June 6 2018 at 11:15 Am, I believe one way but is more of a hassle, but it might be to move onto another location to live where there's no another Amway establishment located near your new home. It might discourage your loved one to discontinue associating them leechers. Another one is have them read a book called Merchants of Deception.

Anonymous said...

I got and read the book merchants of deception and requested that she read it and she declined. It is so unfortunate and heart breaking what this has done to her and our family in such a short period of time. She went from the most considerate, kind, caring person that truly cherished her family and real "true" friends to putting Amway meetings etc before EVERYTHING! She keeps saying she is doing it for her family. Well the,only thing she is doing to her family is tearing it apart. All sensibility is gone! It is a good thing she is single (had a boyfriend and a few months into this ended it) with no children or they would be neglected, but just for 3-5 years until financial freedom is attained. ��

Anonymous said...

She's going to lose it the hard day she'll regret once she make that mistake of involving a cult. Moving onto a new location might be a good idea, but if she is taking care of herself alone in a new home where she must pay up currency then it's only a matter of time where she is going to struggle with decision making. Amway can't help her with that. Another problem is if Amway manage to influence her greed to work on other jobs while dealing with that. I can suggest you to make a list of her income and show it to her, keep doing it to make her rethink her choice. Get a shrink might help you too, psychologists are great in reducing ego and false delusions. Get an attorney might also help as they're not only good with the law, but decision making due to them being analysts even financial analysts. Go to a bank loaner and ask her to show her business plan to them, usually ambots can't survive that stage, because they don't know how to make a plan to begin with. The Bank Loaner is where you should start first.

Anonymous said...

The sheer delusion that Ambots live in, and the insanity of it all is very hard to witness first hand in someone you care about. But make no mistake their upline - the utter ruthless bastards that do nothing other than to constantly brainwash their victims into flushing their minds of the sense put it or attempts to by loved ones is unending. To milk them of their cash is hard to comprehend...but it is what it is.
The only way they get out of it is to hit rock bottom. That means you need never to feed their habit - do not buy their Amcrap no matter how sorry for them you feel for them. As a parent their upline encourage them to milk you too.
The whole thing starts with a big lie and continues with lies constantly.
IBO - so called Independent Business Owner.
Yet, they are not independent - everything comes from Amway.
It is not a business in any sense of the word - it is a membership to buy expensive products online with a rebate facility that encourages the cultists to recruit more cultists. That is a pyramid scheme based on endless chain recruitment.
Owner - nope. They cannot sell their Amcult membership, it is worth nothing. It has no assets, no goodwill, no IP, nothing that any normal business of any value would have. It is not recognised as a business by any tax jurisdiction in the world. Amway can cancel their membership whenever they choose - so what do they own then?

They say the biggest lies are the hardest to see and the biggest lie of the Amcult is right in front of their noses - the joke of the IBO but Ambots refuse to see this with the very first act of fealty - of becoming an IBO is complete self-delusion. It all goes from there.