Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Business Expenses?

Many uplines will use slightly deceptive recruitment tactics when getting new people to see or register into the Amway business. One of the common things was how joining Amway has very little risk, no or very little overhead. This is true, if an IBO is not involved in any of th system related training. However, it is the goal of many if not most uplines to get as many IBOs involved in the system as possible. This is probably because selling standing orders, voicemails and seminars has a higher profit margin for some uplines than the actual movement of Amway volume. So some newbies might join thinking Amway won't cost them much, only to find out that 100 PV might run them more than $300. They may not be aware that standing orders and functions never end and can add an additional cost of up to several hundreds of dollars more. Uplines will then justify the expense by saying the IBO is investing in his/her business.

New IBOs, and especially IBOs who are single should seriously think about the cost of being a business building IBO before joining. Many or most prospects don't know that building an Amway business using system tools and "coaching" can cost them up to $500 or more each month. A single person more than likely cannot possibly consume 100 PV worth or products on a monthly basis unless they almost exclusively consume XS drinks and Nutrilite vitamins. And secondly, how many singles or prospects were consuming cases of energy drinks and vitamins ($300 monthly) before being presented with the Amway business? How many people were willing to fork out hundreds of dollars for a weekend function that may require airfare and hotel stay? I don't think too many people like this exist. But I believe they do so because they have been sold a dream of financial freedom, of early retirement and not having to work a job anymore. But the evidence would suggest that once the dream disappears or reality sets in, how many (former) IBOs continue to purchase Amway products and attend seminars?

I know of many former IBOs and I don't know of any who purchase Amway products on a regular basis and I don't know of ANYONE who has ever forked out money to attend an Amway/AMO function after they stopped being an IBO. Amway's numbers bear out this claim as there is very little sales to people who are not IBOs. The IBO salesforce is responsible for consuming the lion's share of Amway's products and services. I myself have purchased an Amway product or two since I left the business. But I did so only to humor friends who were still in the business. They have all since quit. It is very reasonable to conclude that once the desire to build the business stops, the desire to purchase Amway products also stops.

Most eager young and motivated people who sign up often do not realize that these IBO expenses exist. While Amway acknowledges that these tools and systems expenses are optional, the uplines who promote the tools may suggest that it is insanity to attempt to build an Amway business without the tools or strongly encourage new IBOs to partake. A common statement was that we "needed" to be at the next function no matter what. Missing it would set your business back six months. New IBOs and prospects don't know better so they will often conform. Sadly, there is ZERO unbiased evidence that the tools and seminars do anything to increase IBO volume and/or the sponsorship rate. In my informed and experienced opinion, the tools are ineffective and the vast majority if IBOs would be better off handing their upline a monthly check for $100 and not building the business or buying any products.

IBOs and information seekers should be awar of these potential IBO expenses and determine if the expenses would be worth your while. Keep in mind that someone upline profits handsomely from the tools, even if you do not make a cent from your Amway business. You should have your best interest at heart, no matter what your upline tells you.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to see a breakdown of where all the funds go that WWDB receives each month. Like who gets it? The money doesn't disappear into thin air. For functions I can understand a bit more, they need to pay for the overhead of the building. But the audios? They wanted me to spend close to 150 dollars per month on audios and recordings alone, where does that money go?

Joecool said...

The money from audios goes right to the diamonds. Imagine if you have 1000 downline. You can make over $100,000 a month only on audios. That doesn't include voicemail, books and functions.

They diamonds make the most on functions. Even if they have to pay some overhead, a lot of the labor is free, provided by the downline and many venues give a discount to the group for a convention because the city and count on their hotels being full and other economic benefits.

Anonymous said...

How can people know all this, and still join Amway? It sounds like a numbers racket in Capone's Chicago.

Anonymous said...

People who join dont know all this, they are brainwashed early on and told to avoid everyone and everything that is negative, and that includes family sadly

Anonymous said...

Most persons in Amway find out within six months to a year that they are bleeding money for nothing. The sensible types quit the racket, and never look back. The ones who stay (despite shelling out funds month after month for no profit) are the really pathetic losers, who can't see any other choice for themselves in life.

Amway up-line knows very well that smart people will quit Amway quickly. But they also know that helpless losers without resources or skills are the ones who will stay on, year after year, buying those useless tools and attending those fatuous "functions." Amway preys on the weak and the helpless.

This is the real evil of Amway. The company doesn't actually want sharp, intelligent, go-getter types (except the very few potential Diamonds). Those sharp and intelligent people get out of Amway fast. Amway wants the great mass of schlubs, schmucks, and perpetual losers. You can depend on them for steady cash-flow to up-line.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the day my daughter tells me she is done with Amway! It's been 6 months, a very long 6 months.