Friday, January 24, 2020

Amway and Lawsuits?

Someone recently left a comment on this blog about how Amway defenders would often threaten to sue Amway critics.   It is true and I was threatened and harassed at one time by zealous Amway defenders because they claimed that I was damaging their business or that a prospect read my blog and decided not to join.  I had to LOL at that.  Amway zealots would never try to sue a critic for the following reasons:

The discovery process would likely get them laughed out of court or their case would be so weak that the courts would toss the case.  I am only sharing my experiences on this blog and my informed opinions.  I have a right to free speech as do others who have an opinion about Amway, good or bad.  Also, some of the facts I refer to com from so what is there to dispute?  It’s a fact that most IBOs do little or nothing which leads to my next point.

How would someone prove damages when most IBOs do nothing?   How could zero potential business add up to damages?  Also, most prospects don’t sign up but it’s for various reasons and not because of some blog about Amway?    Many people know others who had bad experiences and word of mouth advertising is pretty powerful.   How about stats from Amway that show a tiny fraction of 1% reach any levels that might be profitable?  

How many IBIs have come and gone from this very blog shooting off their mouths about going diamond only to be never heard from again shortly after?  Yet here is Joecool continuing to post articles so Amway information seekers can gain a perspective from people who participated in Amway, achieved some degree of success and were let down by upline assurances of success.  I have nothing to gain and receive no compensation for running this blog.  I do it as a public service.

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Anonymous said...

That jackass IBOFightback used to make noises about legal action against anti-Amway bloggers. He has long disappeared like smoke in the wind.

Every criticism about Amway made on the internet is undeniable, and yes, confirmed by actual admissions from the Amway Corporation. Can they deny that 99% of IBOs lose money in the scheme? Can they deny that the AMOs make a profit from the sale of tools? Can they deny that there is no such thing as "residual income" in Amway? Can they deny that there is no actual "partnering" with big companies that allow Amway to advertise some of their products?

This is why Amway insists that its IBOs never read or even look at anything on the internet about Amway. They know that the criticism is powerful and compelling. The only defense against trenchant critique is to stick your head in the sand, like an ostrich, and pretend that you don't see or hear anything.

Anonymous said...

Hello Joe, I have just recently found out, that I as a Amway critic and consumer protection activist became a part of rag to ritches Amway meetings:

Yes, in this presentation the founders platinum Petr Stepanek from Czech republic talks first about me, and then about two good old scammers Jay and Rich. The thing is, he talks about me and 2 other CZ critics in a pretty intimidating manner. Citing him: We know who they are, we know where they worked in the past and where they work now, we know their addresses, we know it all.

Well, this reminds me of some mafia tactics, or maybe when Donald calls Ukraine. As this founders platinum IBO talked about us and apparently, what we do not know is, what he showed to the audience, as the presentation is not visible. It may well be our pictures etc., and we are, without our consent, part of the presentation he is paid for by audience ticket fee. This violates multiple Czech laws about personal data protection and I have already handed this issue over to Czech personal data protection bureau and considering to involve Czech police too.

I want informations above to be publicly known, and also want Ada guys, who, I am sure, visit this website daily, to know well what their founders platinum IBO is doing and that he is violating Czech laws while presenting at Amway meetings.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, still can not find their 2019 sales. Last year they released it on 11. February, while now is 17. February and still nothing....

There may be a good reason for them to postpone the release of the numbers, as Nu skin falls dramatically, especially in China and some others, like Isagenix, too.

In MLMs, they tend to celebrate all the good news, while down play and stay quiet about bad news, so guess they got some beating in 2019... Hope it is the case.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is out now and indeed, nothing to brag about, therefore the "delay". They are at 8,4 billion USD sales for 2019, which is figure they reached in 2009 last time. Since then, they were always above, till now...