Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Be Accountable?

 Being accountable was one of the key teaching back in my Amway IBO days.  That you needed to keep your word and do what you said you would.   For the most part this sounds like a good thing, especially in business.  Right?     Be a man of your word.  But like much of Amway it sounds good until you try to apply it.

For one thing, the up line who teaches this doctrine aren’t held accountable.   Where’s the fruit on the tree and trail of success?   Why don’t goops and functions lead to more sales and results?  Why do IBOs who do as they are told but fail get the blame?   Where is up line when this happens?  Up line. Sure is quick to take credit and pat themselves on the back.

Another issue is that some things that an IBO is expected to do is out of their immediate control and there are bumps in the road caused by the Amway reputation such as negativity.  You can’t force people to see the plan, sign up or buy Amway stuff but it’s part of upline expectations if you want to succeed.   Miss a few of these vital steps and suddenly a promising young IBO is a failure who has nobody to blame but himself.  

So I ask, where is the upline accountably?   The system doesn’t churn out the results and expectations that are shown in recruitment meetings.   Who is accountable for that?  The downline?  I don’t think so.  😩

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Anonymous said...

The attitude of all Amway up-line is that they are totally not responsible for any failures or inadequacies in the business operations of their down-line. The term "up-line" by definition means "incapable of making a mistake, and always blameless in any situation."

An IBO in Amway is supposed to treat his up-line as nothing less than gods.