Sunday, January 26, 2020

Amway? LOL!

If I got paid fir each time some IBO came here shooting off their mouths I’d be Uber wealthy!  How many times have I heard that I’ll be sorry and in a few months some newbie will be retired at the age of 29 making 10k per month or more?   How many times have I heard that so and so will be diamond and will be back to rub it in my face.   Well, I’m still standing and waiting.

I recall a newbie Amway IBO offering me a wager that his diamond makes more money while taking a crap in the morning than I make all year.  When I showed the math, that IBO disappeared never to be heard from again.  What many folks don’t get is that many diamonds don’t make that much money and even if they have a nice income, they likely make much of it from selling function tickets and standing orders.  

Also, a diamond lifestyle if you will, is a life of excess that likely has many diamonds living check to check and possibly living in debt themselves.  Do the math yourself.  Try and look how much it costs to fly first class for a family of four.  Are speaking fees so lucrative that diamond families fly first class all the time?  The math says no.

I’ve also heard reports of big pins living in below average neighborhoods and there were some diamonds who had homes foreclosed and one triple diamond who filed chapter 7 bankruptcy some years ago.  As information is easier to get, I’ve also heard about Amway functions getting smaller and groups shrinking.  That means the diamond lifestyle is even harder to maintain than ever.  I wish I could say I feel sorry for the diamonds but all I can say is LOL.   😃

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Anonymous said...

I've also noticed that young Amway recruits show up at times to claim that they are making $6000 per month, and they've only been in the business for a year. The claim is so patently absurd and improbable that you have to laugh at it.

I think you can put a lot of this outright lying down to the "Fake it till you make it" line that Amway AMOs push. Up-line deliberately urges new recruits to boast and brag about nonexistent incomes, as a way to impress others and to suck them into the Amway racket.