Friday, November 5, 2021


 Breakdown of CORE and why it doesn’t work. Here are the CORE steps. Some groups may have variations of CORE, but this is generally what many groups use:

1 - Show the Plan (10-15 per month)
2 - Retail the Products (10 customers @10 PV each)
3 – Tapes/cds 
4 - Books 
5- Functions (attend all)
6 - Accountability 
7 - Counsel with Upline (Be teachable!)
8 - Buy 100% of your own products 
9 – Communikate

Many upline will tell you that your success is nearly 100% guaranteed if you follow these steps for 2-5 years. Some Amway enthusiasts will tell you that 6 months of this activity will nearly assure you of a platinum level business. Certain steps are within the IBO’s control, such as reading every day and listening to cds, and attending functions. It is also easy enough to be accountable, counsel with upline, buy your own products, and use KATE (voicemail).

Here’s where an IBO’s efforts will break down. Showing the plan and retailing products. And remember, if you cannot do these steps then you are not considered “CORE” and your upline will likely tell you that it is your own fault and that you simply haven’t been CORE, therefore you did not achieve success. There is some truth in this but let me expose the system in a different angle.

Amway has a spotty reputation in the US. I don’t think anyone can dispute this fact. Therefore, for the vast majority of people, being able to show the plan 10-15 times per month is a nearly impossible task. If you are able to do this, you are a really good salesman or a good liar. In this scenario, the IBO is already successful, but not because of CORE, but simply because the IBO has the gift of being able to convince people into seeing the plan. But for many IBOs, they may contact hundreds of people and not be able to get anyone to see the plan. Even IBOs who follow upline advice on how to contact will probably not be able to show 10-15 plans per month. Thus this IBO, who is doing the work, will not be able to succeed. The system will blame the IBO, but the reality is that the IBO has too big of a disadvantage to overcome.

Secondly, with high prices (on average) and with a spotty reputation, most IBOs are unable to retail products. Amway itself has admitted that less than 4% of Amway products are sold to customers (non IBOs). Thus most IBOs are unable to sell products, therefore they are not CORE, therefore upline will blame the IBO for failure..

What if an IBO contacts 1000 people and cannot get 10 people to see the plan? Upline will claim that IBO is not CORE and therefore it is personal failure of the IBO. IMO, the only reason why upline can claim that CORE works is because in order to do the CORE steps consistently, you have to already be at a certain level of success. The vast majority of IBOs cannot and will never be able to reach that level.

That is the myth and the deception that many uplines will use to attract recruits. That each IBO can do the CORE steps. When only a fraction of 1% ever reach the level of platinum or higher, the numbers strongly support what is written here. Apologists are welcome to try and prove me wrong, but they can't. :D

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Anonymous said...

In Amway and its various AMO subsystems, "CORE" is merely a disguised escape-hatch used by up-line to defend themselves against the failure of their down-line IBOs. No one can actually do all of the steps involved in being "CORE" all the time, especially nowadays, when it is next to impossible to recruit anyone in North America, and when you can't get retail customers. So quite naturally, the vast majority of IBOs make little or no money.

So when these IBOs complain, up-line can simply scream "You weren't CORE!" (even if the IBOs did practically everything they could to succeed).

The only thing an Amway up-line wants is for you, the down-line, to stay in Amway and keep on sending him money every month. That money will come from forced purchases of Amway products to qualify for a small refund, from various meeting and function fees, from your payment for CDs, tapes, and other teaching tools, and from stupid things like CommuniKate. Your up-line certainly doesn't expect you sell much Amway product to retail customers. He knows that's highly unlikely.

That's why the biggest and most outrageous lie spouted by your Amway up-line is "You CAN'T quit! SUCCESS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!" An up-line's tongue should be wrenched put of his head for saying this horrible and destructive LIE!

Don't you Amway assholes see this? You're being RIPPED OFF!