Thursday, November 18, 2021

Get Rich On 8-12 Hours A Week?

 One of the myths that my Amway upline used to, and likely still perpetuate is the claim that you can build an Amway mega empire on 8-12 hours per week. I'm venturing an educated guess that this number is used because while it still represents time, it is probably less hours than working a part time job. But let's take a closer look at this 8-12 hours per week.  (Some groups might teach 10-15 hours per week, etc.)

If you listen to one (1) cd/audio per day as recommended by upline and read one of their "success" books 15 minutes each day, you are already close to nine to ten hours of time used and neither of these activities produces any income for your Amway business. In fact, both activities cost you money and produce no tangible result. If you spend another 15 minutes a day contacting people, you are close to 12 hours per week. Where will you find additional time to show the plan and to expand your name and contact list? What about servicing customers, at least for IBOs who actually may have some customers. 

What about attending meetings and functions? These are also non income producing activities. It's no wonder the vast majority of IBOs don't make money. Their upline has them running around participating in activities that produce no income for their businesses. Ironically, these non income producing activities such as listening to a cd/audio, produces a lot of income for certain uplines who produce and sell them. To me, it is just an elaborate game of bait and switch played by upline. They tell you that their system is foolproof and that you will make it if you don't give up. Not true.  

You sell the prospect the dream of financial freedom. You tell that that Amway is their best chance. You tell them that you can help them and that the tools of the business (standing order, voicemail, books, functions) are the key to their success. Those who are serious enough to commit to the system likely won't quit without making some effort and will allow uplines to earn some nice profits before these downline eventually realize they aren't profitable and quit. Because many IBOs are sponsored by family and friends, you don't see too many formal complaints about the business. Most people chalk it up as a life lesson and do not complain.  

But IBOs and information seekers, do not be fooled into thinking that you will create a financial empire by working 8-12 hours a week. That would be far fetched. The number of highly successful Amway IBOs versus the number who sign up are fewer than lottery winners.


Anonymous said...

If you were to actually follow that stupid "CORE" program that Amway pushes, you'd be working close to 18 hours a day, six days a week. Amway is a labor-intensive job, and it gets you less money than you'd get from begging for loose change on a street corner.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that you "MUST" attend "ALL EVENTS!" That means a three hour "Phone Team" on Sunday nights and random events like "Summer Games" in 100+degree weather like we had in URA or covered dishes multiple times a year. All of that takes several hours away from an already busy week. Let's not count the weekly meetings that you have to pay to attend even though they frame it as us having been so lucky to get to attend them.