Wednesday, November 24, 2021

IBOs Talk But Don't Do The Walk?

 Having blogged for a number of years now, I have observed that Amway IBOs talk a good game about retailing, sponsoring and doing Amway business activities. They will tell you to set yourself up with 20 customers, sponsor 6 frontline, show a number of plans and set up certain follow ups with contacts, and doing other activities supposedly to build an Amway business. I find if humorous when these same IBOs start throwing insults or diverting the discussion when someone asks if they are actually making money. Of course it would be understandable if a new IBO would admit they had not made a fortune as of yet but it seems that even that response is not forthcoming from IBOs.  

It seems that the Amway business is simple enough. Buy some products, sell products and try to sponsor some downline in order to leverage your volume with your downlines. IBOs mistakenly believe that you can build it once correctly and that the income will flow into future generations. What goes unnoticed is that IBOs come and go with such a high frequency, that a business generating residual income would be like a sandcastle on the beach. You might build it nice and big but the waves of attrition would quickly turn that sandcastle into nothing. The same would be true of an Amway business. The IBOs dropping out would wipe out your business unless you are constantly replacing the people who quit. IBOs like to talk about Amway sales and how the company is growing in sales, but the Amway sales have no relationship with making IBOs more profitable. 

IBOs may also toss in comments about how they are nicer people or how they are improving their marriage because of the Amway business. I often wonder how that can be when functions and meetings take you away from your family and spouse. I suppose it could be because the uplines talk about people being nicer or tossing out lies about Amway and the AMOs saving marriages. I remember a WWDB diamond talking about how WWDB members had a 2% divorce rate while the rest of society has a 60% divorce rate. Ironically, that diamond's marriage ended in divorce. I believe this crap is still taught as a WWDB IBO who blogs, had mentioned this tidbit on his blog last year. I don't believe Amwayers or anyone else has a higher or lower rate of divorce than society but it becomes an issue when uplines teach it and their downlines repeat it. 

So it would seem that IBOs talk a good game. They know what to say and how to act, but they're like poker players who are bluffing. If you call them on it, they are likely to fold in their hands because they don't have the goods. It is why many Amway discussions turn into a insult contest, when the IBO suddenly gets confronted with facts that are contrary to upline teaching. It's usually quite funny but I wonder if these folks question their upline or go on their merry way repeating uplines lies? It becomes apparent to everyone but the IBO when they are repeating crazy stuff taught by their upline. Good luck to anyone who tries to build this business against nearly insurmountable odds.


Anonymous said...

Amway IBOs are always bluffing, because they are told by up-line to "fake it till you make it." This means pretending that your "business" is highly profitable and growing, even if you haven't made a single dime, or recruited a single down-line.

Everything in Amway is about faking, pretending, and lying.

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh, wow, Amway and WWDB is such a crock of bullshit and I have an adult child who is completely sucked into it. They are so immersed in it that my grandchild has gone without their parent if you ask me. Sadly. They feed you such a crock of bullshit that I can't even get my child to see it. "Hey, you know you're paying x-amount of dollars for the same thing you can get at a store for $6. So, ya, you're really getting your own money back" What a shit situation. The granddaddy of it all is that I am also in this organization, both Amway and WWDB, and couldn't find a customer to save my life. I just stay in it because I don't want to lose my child. They already alienated the non-positive people in their life and I'm barely hanging on. Then, to boot, my child just married and new spouse is now becoming brainwashed as well. They act all high and mighty and its so sad. They do and say one thing and do another. Only way you're making money in this little club is to have a ton of people under you doing all the work. Good luck. Anyone else with adult kids in this?