Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Amway Mind Game?

This was a comment left on this blog. It is a very good description of what many IBOs experience and how uplines manipulate them:

Amway is totally a mind game. Controlling your mind is the name of the game. Each and everything that is said from the stage, in the done for a reason. When you are in it, you dont think u are being manipulated. Rather you are made to feel like you are a winner..and you are exceptionally better off than the average outside(non-amway) people, whereas in reality you are loosing every day- loosing in the sense, you are not getting the results for the efforts u are putting.

Every possible negative situation that could happen is thought of and covered from the stage, and the cd. For eg: let's say u have been in the business for 5 years and not making profit. You will listen to a cd where the speaker says nothing happened to them for the first 5 years of business- so u will be like, this is so similar to my story..if I stay a little more time, it is going to work for me.

The job world and the outside people (non-amway people) is painted in such a negative color in the system, so u will be like business is not working..but jobs dont work either...let me stick it out and make it in the business...anyway i will not be able to even spend any time with people outside, let me stay in the business.

You are encouraged to have bigger dreams and get pictures of your dreams on your fridge or have a dream board. In a way this keeps u in the biz, b'coz it is your dream and u are like, how can i choose to leave the biz and these dreams.

Big time stroking of ego happens in all associations. At all associations, whoever that is getting results at that time is promoted through the roof. Sometimes when u are not getting any results, some of the big pins, wont even acknowledge ur presence. U will be like...i will show it to u, what i am capable of and will stay in the biz some more time.

The main goal of the system is to keep u in the biz for some more time, until that next function or seminar comes to pump u up or give u hope. In the meantime u will be buying 300PV worth of product and increase Amway's business and will be buying tools and be inncreasing your system's income.

If u have a few people in your group, quitting becomes even more difficult, u will be can i tell these people, whom i gave dreams and got them in...that i am not going to pursue.

If ur upline is in the local area, if u tell them that u dont want to continue, they will come to ur house, spend hours with u and will use every technique in the book to keep u in.

For those of u who have read "How to win Friends and Influence people"- two main techniques are used from that book in amway business:
1) Appeal to Nobler cause- There is no real money in Amway for most people- so what do they appeal to - Impacting people, better marriages, great families, Free Enterprise, Intagible benefits like becoming a better person etc etc etc.

2)Dramatize your ideas- This is what happens in the function- whereas everything is dramatized--incredible fear about economy, job world is put in your mind and incredible rewards achieved by people in the business is constantly talked about( in a crowd of 3000 in a function, at the most 20 so called successful people talk-so there is your ratio of sucess.)

So, how does this business run? why do people stay in? for HOPE...HOPE of making it one day..HOPE of achieving their dreams...They stay afloat with HOPE


Anonymous said...

yep. and when i was in it, i had much HOPE of not losing any more money to this trash!

**proud Amway hater**

Anonymous said...

Great Comment. The Mind Control is non stop in this business, I have no doubt in my mind that what I was in and what I signed people into was and still is nothing but a cult that preys on naive dreamers who simply want something better for themselves and their family.
The feelings of guilt for leaving the business lasted for years and the upline who claimed they were my friends shunned us after we left.
All of the above comments and examples of mind control happened when I was in the business 18 years ago.

***Former WWDB Lemming***

Anonymous said...

So what do naive dreamers who simply want something better for themselves and their family do? They act and build their dreams on faith. Which proves what Edgar Allan Poe once said about dreamers; 'those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night'. What are going to do now Mr. Big Shot Lemming? Are going to accuse Edgar Allan Poe of being a pre-Amway cult inspiring mentality agent? Are you going to maybe open up your own silly blog where you're going to bash and boycott Edgar Allan Poe because today you had a sudden revelation about his mind cult inducing teachings? Man, you quitters surely are funny!!!

Anonymous said...

anon #3, you're so full of BS that it's NOT funny. =)