Thursday, April 28, 2011

IBOFightback Desperation?

IBOFightback says: "So I assume that means you believe Joecool is paid anti-amway shill?"

A desperate attempt to divert attention onto Joecool. LOL. Joecool is not compensated in any way, shape or manner for running Joecool's blogs. The reason why I blog and share my experiences is to provide information to unsuspecting prospects. Many many people over the years have written to me to express gratitude over the information I have shared with them.

While my former LOS, WWDB has supporters who claim that "things are different", there is much evidence that nothing has changed at all. While there is online ordering, the system still consists of voicemail (WTF - who needs voicemail these days?), staning orders, books and functions. Seems as if the same tired old leaders are teaching the same stuff.

The system is pushed pretty hard. Leaders still try to entice prospects by showing off wealth. Leaders apparently still teach the mantra that diamonds pay cash for everything.

The amount of damage to people's lives and finances is part of the reason why I blog. The lies and deception I've seen from LOS leaders have not been stopped. While I cannot stop it myself, I can provide information through this blog, which has built a sizable amount of traffic. IBOFB has debated with me for many years and I believe he has lost because I stand on the truth and on my own experiences. He has mainly anecdotal stories and the memories of an allegedly sizable business he once built, which he apparently "gave" to his (ex) wife in a settlement. You'd think if Amway was so precious to David/IBOFB, he would cling to his Amway business at all cost.

Anyway, in a desperate attempt to divert attention from himself, he wants to imply that Joecool is a paid anti amway blogger? LOL First of all, I'm more anti LOS than anti Amway. And secondly, how can you defend a business where the failure rate is staggering? What kind of person can do that? I'll let my readers decide that one.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, what a dialogue you have ongoing in the blogosphere. I am not an IBO. Used to be. Gave it up for many reasons, none of which I can point at Amway or my upline for. Seems to me, after rummaging through your various blogs herein, that you point out the falacies of most entrepreneurs. Capital, time management, priority conflicts, lack of team building skills (ie. lack in leadership), and the list could go on and on. I did get a good laugh at your attempt to "prove" the math of the 6-4-2, without inputting the retail side of what most uplines preach. Oh, and by the way, using proven methods is how you teach the "tried and true" methods. I decided to open my dialect on this particular blog due to your "failure rate" question at the very end. Most successful people fail, especially the greats. Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln (and not just politics), Tiger Woods (who practices 5 times more than he plays), Michael Jordan (who repeadedly talks about his missed shots moreso than his game winning ones), add to this list anyone who takes a lifetime devoted to one cause and is eventually know for only one achievement. I may not be in anymore, but just because you shout from blog-rooftops, does not mean that your cheering section is anymore full of cheers than snickering. Why I took the time out to write this I do not know. At least I can write this out without trying to "convince" myself and others that "people promoting businesses" are all bad. I cheer for all of those individuals I see out there with Herballife, Avon, Mary-Kay, Scentsy, and yes, even Amway written on their car rear windshields. At least I know that entreprebeurs will always find some vehicle that will provide them with positive environments, positive coaching, a network of support and tried and true methods that have shown SOME people how to become free. That is more than I can see from some blogger who lives on the internet to deflate initiative, damper dreams, and hold on to some memory of a distant attempt long ago to try and make it; without succeeding. Keep up the negative work, I am sure you sleep better in that world.


Joecool said...

Anonymous, you are comparing apples to oranges. IBOs are not like Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan. IBOs have many many failures but no victories. unless you consider spending money you don't have as a victory. If I encouraged people to play the lottery, as a whole, that group is far more likely to be better off than a group of hard core IBOs.

Anonymous said...

anon, nice try, but you're still full of crap. :)

**proud Amway hater**

ST said...

Holy shit learn how to write! I know this is petty but that was the clumsiest paragraph I've ever seen from someone who seems to have a basic grasp on the English language.

Joecool said...

I know, IBOFB needs to learn how to write. LOL