Tuesday, April 26, 2011

IBOFightback's Rebuttal?

I am assuming that this is David Steadson/IBOFB. Here is his rebuttal to "Mr. Million's" blog post:

David Steadson said...

Below is the reply I posted on "millions" website, which he initially refused to publish, but has now. You of course can hide behind the US's ridiculous CDA law which makes it perfectly acceptable to publish false and defamatory material. No surprise that you have a complete lack of integrity and do so.

1. Neither I nor any of my companies/businesses are paid by Amway or anyone else, either directly or indirectly, to promote them on Wikipedia or any of my sites. This is already clearly stated on my main sites. You know this and have willfully ignored it.

2. I have never knowingly stated anything false (that is, lied) on ''any'' website, including my Amway related sites. I fully admit to being human and occasionally saying something that turned out to be wrong. Mea culpa.

3. I do not "post heavily biased contributions" to sites like wikipedia, nor attempt to "character assassinate" people I may disagree with. In truth and fact I have ''"originated"'' and written a deal of the "negative" information on Amway and some related companies on Wikipedia. Unlike yourself, who has to the best of my research not contributed a single "positive" edit to the Amway related articles, I'm attempting to provide actual facts and a truly balanced picture.

4. A year or more ago I considered starting a company to provide reputation management services to direct selling companies. I believe(d) there was a market for such services and most companies were doing it poorly. A mockup website was created but never finished (hence the amount of "lorem ipsum" text in the site) and the concept was never proceeded with. The company was never formed, never marketed, and never had any clients. The sites and names are now a division of another company I part-own, which has nothing to do with direct sales, and will be focused on internet community building.

3. My wife did not leave me, a claim I see you now removed. Not that it was any of your damn business.

4. My original Amway Australia business reached a significantly higher level than 3%. To state or imply otherwise is false. The recognition you are citing is not for that business, which exists to this day, generating an income for my former wife.

5. The vast majority of the websites you claim I "run" have not been updated in years, if ever. Several were simply "grabbed" when the domain names became available for whatever reason, others were automatically created when accounts were required to comment on other blogs hosted by the same providers. A number were created when I was having trouble getting google to pickup my website updates. When this problem was solved I stopped updating them. To claim I am actively maintaining these sites is false.

6. Any material I have posted on websites that has not already been publicly available, including videos, is usually available to IBOs in private areas of Amway websites, on Amway DVDs, or via email lists. I have registered as an IBO in several countries, in part so that I have access to this material for my websites. Naturally I have made contact with many "insiders" at Amway and associated BSM companies thanks to my websites. ''Very'' rarely I have been provided with other information in advance by these "insiders". Amway has in fact asked me to remove several videos from my youtube channel as they were no longer approved.

7. I do not have "at least one JOB" and have not been an employee for anyone since around 1998. I have done occasional contract and consulting work in a range of fields but have been primarily involved in my own entrepreneurial endeavours.

Virtually your entire post, including it's prime thesis that I'm a "paid shill" is false and defamatory.

April 26, 2011 9:56 AM


Anonymous said...

death to amway! death to amway! XD

**proud Amway hater**

Anonymous said...

It' not nice to fool 'all-in' ambots.

So, let me get this straight. You want us to be nice and wisper sweet nothings about you and amway.

Golly gee. How do you like having your experiences doubted and trashed? Kinda sucks, huh?

As soon as you validate usins', we'll consider validating youin's. How's that for a deal?

Irreverance is my strong point. Hot dang.


Anonymous said...

Heck, most of what Mr. Million wrote was spot on.

Anonymous said...

"My original Amway Australia business reached a significantly higher level than 3%. To state or imply otherwise is false."

6% would be significantly higher right?

Anonymous said...

Yes, 6% is significantly higher! What do you prefer, magic 600%? That's why Amway didn't work for you; you were looking for a get-rich-quick formula... I'm looking for it too but for now I have to stick to the narrow road and if there's no get-rich-quick formula, the narrow road will in the end take me to a better place than the road you guys are on. Viva Amway! Stick to your dreams and do the work!

Joecool said...

There's no get rich quick formula, but Amway is not get rich at all. LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon at5 10:51 am;

Who said we were looking for a get rich scheme? How do you know we didn't do the work?

We've said over and over again, we worked our asses off for years.

What part of 'we worked it hard core times ten for year's do ambots just not get?


Anonymous said...

IBOFB paid or not is just a crazy man bent on discrediting the world. He wears a clown's hat while thinking everyone else is wrong about Amway.

Anonymous said...

The harder amway (suddenly) advertises on t.v., the more evident it becomes they are getting desparate to stop the truth from getting out.

All of a sudden it's the 'power of positive.'

What? As opposed to the 'power of the truth' getting out on the internet?

I would love to hear how they are dealing with this from stage at the major functions.