Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's Great For Amway But IBOs Are Still Losing Money?

I hear ridiculous claims from IBOs at times. They make all kinds of claims that have nothing to do with their business. For example, Amway recently reported their sales at 1 billion dollars in a month. It's good - for Amway! It has no bearing on IBOFightback Enterprises, or whatever you call your business. In fact, because most Amway IBOs lose money, you could concluude that more Amway sales could result in more IBOs losing money.

Amway Arena had a rock concert! Great for Amway - it has no bearing on John Smith Enterprises. The DeVos and Van Andel families are billionaires! Great - it has no bearing on an IBO's business. Amway winning awards has no correlation with an IBO making a net profit. Amway recently reported a partnership with the Detroit Red Wings. Great, but that helps IBOs in what way other than having a topic of conversation?

So many IBOs mistakenly or ignorantly confuse Amway's success for their own. Of course it helps when the corporation gets good press because it can help them recruit downline by having something nice to point out. But then again, many IBOs don't sell goods, they "buy from themselves". If you buy from yourself, then all of this good press does nothing to increase your sales. Without sales, you can't make money unless you recruit tons of downline, and even at that, without sales and many downline, you may be running an illegal pyramid.

All of the good things happening for Amway or because of Amway - is it increasing your bottom line? Is it helping your "Independent Business"? If not, then why brag about it? Aren't you an IBO - Independent Business Owner? Can you make the same or similar claims about your own business?

P.S. Amway is NOT endorsed by the BBB or FTC. IBOs who make these claims are possibly in violation of the Amway IBO rules of conduct. IBOs should go look it up if they don't know what I am referring to.


rocket said...

LOL! Joecool, quit talking sense. If the dream is big enough, facts don't matter!

Seriously, this is just another tactic to distract IBO's from themselves. If you can brag about something, anything....then why would you let something like reality get in the way?

Good post. Very true.

Anonymous said...


**proud Amway hater**

Joecool said...

Yeah, IBOs think that Amway's success somehow justifies their own rinky dink business.

If I was running for example a FORD dealership and losing money, and FORD won some car of the year award, I could care less unless that award somehow helps my sales.

IBOs miss the point that they are just middlemen for Amway products.

I might be wrong, but it seems like Amway salesmen are the only ones who brag about the corporation they represent even when they are losing money.

henrique guedes said...

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Anonymous said...

cool translator. NOT!

**proud Amway hater**