Sunday, September 18, 2011

Upline Wants My Money And Not My Success?

One of the things my upline alway said was how they loved us, how they would never lead us astray, that our success was their success, that they didn't make pennies until we made dollars. Now as I look back, I know that our uplines in WWDB were full of crap.

First if all, some of our upline are hypocrites, talking about the 2% divorce rate of IBOs while the rest of the world is at 60%. Well, that is BS and WWDB leaders have a higher divorce rate. They speak about financial integrity but allow their homes to foreclose, which exposed the lies told by WWDB leaders that they pay cash for everything, including homes. I wonder if triple diamond Greg Duncan has settled his bankruptcy issues?

On the surface, the talk about downline IBO success makes sense. That a diamond and higher pins want IBOs to succeed because their level depends on movement of volume. It makes sense until you factor in the little detail that some, possibly most diamonds, make more from tools (standing order, premiere club, voicemail and functions) than they do from their Amway businesses. If diamonds make tons of money from tools, they don't need new leaders (platinums and above) because they would have to share tool money. It is more beneficial to these diamonds to have people join and buy tools, and quit, only to be replaced - because IBOs who succeed get a cut of the tools money.

It makes sense. Tool money is a sacred issue. The fewer slices of the pie, the bigger your cut is. It is why you can google and find so many instances of lawsuits putting diamonds versus diamonds and why diamonds break away from their beloved mentors - to get more tool money.

Ask yourself this. If your upline diamond cared so much about you and your success, why do you have to pay for just about every instance where you see him/her? (payment for functions, open meetings, etc.)

Try this. Ask your diamond if they truly want your success. If they say yes, ask why you need to pay for standing order, functions and open meetings if they benefit the diamond's business more than yours? Sure, it costs money to run functions and meetings, but why do the diamonds in general make more from these "tools" than from Amway? If not more, they certainly make a significant amount.

Does your upline want your success or your money??????

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