Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Amway - Excuses, Excuses

I've been a blogger now for a number of years. I've debated with Amway apologists and they ultimately resort to excuses and/or personal attacks when they run out of defenses. Food for thought, when you have to make excuses about why your opportunity isn't a scam or a pyramid scheme, that should already make you stop and think for a minute. The easy excuse is to say that "my group isn't like that". Yet I see testimonies and statements that indicate to me that things have not changed, even in all the years since I left the Amway business myself.

Even the product's prices need to be justified. That there is concentration or other factors that really make Amway stuff a better value. Strange how that better value doesn't seem to translate further once an IBO realizes that there is no residual income at the end of the rainbow. Many IBOs don't seem to mind paying for Amway stuff when they believe that they will one day walk the beaches of the world while more money than they can count will keep rolling in. When the dream fades, so does the desire to purchase these awesome products. If not, with tens of millions of former IBOs, Amway sales should be through the roof after all these years. But it hasn't. Although Amway recently reported an increase in north american sales, that wasn't the case in the last 10 years. Amway apologists even have excuses about why that is the case.

Amway also reported recently, that they have updated their average IBO income. While it is still miserable, it has gone up, although a clear explanation as to how and why they calculated the "average income" was not apparently given. So the debate continues. Critics analyzing and predicting how and why, and Amway apologists making excuses and justifying their position. Why not just be transparent and end the debate once and for all? I think most people know the answer. The bottom line for most is whether or not they make a net profit. For the vast majority of IBOs, especially the ones on the system, the answer is a net loss. It is predictable and easy to conclude. The 6-4-2 or any other version of the compensation plan clearly shows that very few people can make any decent money. If a platinum IBO typically has 100 or more IBOs, that is your answer there. It should be noted that a platinum might not even be very profitable if they are sold out on buying system tools.

So IBOs and Amway defenders, are you making money (net profit)? Or are you just making excuses?


Anonymous said...

This is so the truth its not even funny! This is exactly why I get fired up, like a match to a flame.

It is sad and pathetic that Amway Supporters just can't admit the truth and facts when its right in front of there faces.

I guess resorting to lying and distortion is much easier. All I can say is "They Cant Handle the Truth"!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, let's chat for a minute. Why do you make so many excuses for bashing Amway? What's the real story? You getting paid by P&G to write this crap about Amway? Nobody would dedicate years of their lives to criticizing a business for nothing. Tell us the truth Joe. What are you hiding? You even have more than one blog just so you can spread your idiocy around the world. Come on Joe, you can tell us.

Joecool said...

Hey, Anon from Canada,

Paid by P&G? I wish they paid me. I should write them and ask to be on payroll. LOL As if P&G are worried about Amway as a serious competitor. That's a good one. ROTFLMAO!

What am I hiding? LOL

rocket said...

Anon sounds suspiciously like IBOFB.

Nobody would dedicate years of their lives to defending a business for nothing, yet you continue.

Joecool said...

Anon sounds like IBOFB, but this one's from Ontario Canada, according to my statcounter. LOL.

I'm waiting for IBOFB to write a blogpost explaining how I'm on the P&G payroll.

Anonymous said...

hey anon, LET'S CHAT FOR A MINUTE. you are nothing but a trifling scumbag who has nothing in mind but to come on here and cause trouble and spread YOUR idiocy around. you're just like all the other hopless dickhead ambots who suck at life and think SCAMWAY is going to make them better. well here's a newsflash: IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. so if you think you're better than all of us on planet earth beacause you're in SCAMWAY, then prove yourself with some evidence of REAL success instead of wasting your time on here with the usual BULLSHIT. do i make myself clear? come on, anon, YOU CAN TELL US...fucking asswipe...

**proud Amway hater**

Anonymous said...

LOL, I love the responses! Entertaining! It just shows how one loyal IBO tries to create drama and shows himself to be an ass.

Where are the rest of the hardcore IBO's responses? Oh yea I forgot there to busy working there lame ass Business Opportunity, while a teenager flipping burgers at Burger King part time is making more money then the Average IBO!

The truth hurts!! So spread some Facts Anon. You attack Joecool, and well Joecool only. Get your shit straight because you will only be eaten up in this blog and crapped out as Amyway dog shit!

Lucifer said...

Life is awesome, humans being human. Some are saved, some are not. Some build, some tear down. What about you?

Anonymous said...

in other news...

Joecool said...

Lucifer = anonymous loser from Canada.

Are you making enough money in Amway to buy some bubble gum at Walmart? LOL

Anonymous said...

I have to side with JoeCool. I am an IBO and was once against the Amway bashers. Now I am starting to see how Amway really is. I do love the products and rearranged my entire diet because of the organic Nutrilite vitamins. So yes Amway has taught me things I never learned prior to, and I do teach what I learned about the products to my downline and customers. However, I have to admit that almost all Platinum or above IBO's preach the business and tools and not the products. I hate to admit it, but I was wrong.
The Amway opportunity can work if you focus on the products and sell it legit, but it's so hard b/c, no matter how much I try my best to steer my downline AWAY from the tools and BWW itself as a whole, the Amway name is so tarnished (which is sad b/c Amway is the product maker and has nothing to do with BWW or IBO's) that I can't mention Amway at all b/c once I do, recruiting the prospect is nearly impossible. And I refuse to go to phone team to call everyone I know and alienate people b/c of Amway.
I for one wish Amway wasn't tarnished b/c I truly believe it can work in a perfect world, but because I am not getting an ROI on my personal time (I have made about $1,600 this year profit but sunk part of it in the tools just to try and form my own opinion) and my upline sux and hasn't recruited anyone since I started.
The sad thing is my upline is all my emeralds family and I have a suspicion this guy wants me to build his leg to benefit him and his family yet have me do all the work.
Plus my emerald still works at his brother's store so he doesn't have time to recruit. So the teamwork they present in the plan (aka taproot) only works if 100% of the leg does recruiting AND sales and that has not been the case since day 1.
When I confront my emerald he tells me "don't worry about what others don't do just worry about what u do and come to the meetings". I haven't spoken to him in 3 weeks and don't take his phonecalls anymore.
In a business you shouldn't feel like you have to AVOID phonecalls from your fellow VP's b/c you don't want to speak to them anymore.
Again, I love the Amway products and a big supporter of them, but I hate the business and the stupid motivational crap that comes along with it.
I'm going to quit at the end of the year and it's all b/c my emerald has left a bad taste in my mouth b/c of the stupit meetings.

Anonymous said...

light bulbs are finally flashing. YES!