Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Selling False Hopes And Dreams?

The really insidious part of Amway, in my opinion is that certain leaders of AMOs such as WWDB use the hopes and dreams of people to get them to join Amway and to sell them motivational tools that are supposed to help people to achieve these hopes and dreams. Many of these folks are nice, motivated and hard working people who have dreams and goals. What they don't often see right away is that those dreams and hopes are not going to be fulfilled by building and Amway business and using WWDB as a support system.

Since my time in the business, WWDB has fewer diamonds now than there were when I was an IBO. While there may be some new diamonds, I don't really know of any in the US. I believe there are some new diamonds in foreign countries where the Amway name and tool scam hasn't been fully exposed as it has in the US and Canada. This is a glaring issue. If diamond is the pinnacle of success, then where are they? The same old tired diamonds are on stage and apparently teaching the same BS today, that they taught many years ago, despite claims that things have changed.

They still teach about buying everything in cash, and that there is residual income and walking the beaches. I find it very odd that with the benefit of walking away from Amway while cash rolls in, why hasn't anyone exercised their right to do so. Is it that all of these tired old diamonds love Amway and they downline so much that they cannot bear to quit? Or is it more likely that the residual income for life is a complete myth and that these diamonds work because they have to?

I know of at least two (2) WWDB diamonds who had their homes foreclosed. There is also a triple diamond who was dabbling in chapter 7 bankruptcy, and ironically, this diamond is still on stage teaching audiences about his financial acumen. There are some diamonds who llived and loved Hawaii and the ocean, but saw it fit to move to the mainland US. Many WWDB diamonds put their homes for sale in a bad real estate market. Sure, they may just want to liquidate, but maybe they can't afford these mansions and toys anymore? Maybe.

WWDB still has a function called "Dream Night" where the diamonds parade around showing off sports cars, fancy homes, jet skis and other toys, implying that they all own these things and paid for in cash. They want the audience to dream of obtaining the same and that Amway is the only way to attain it. Sadly, for most, joining Amway and WWDB is far more likely to push you farther away from your hopes and dreams. Amway's own numbers tell the story. $115 a month average IBO income, and one half of one percent (.5%) achieve the gold/platinum level where you might earn about $1000 a month gross income.

Buyer beware.

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Anonymous said...

LOL, Yea Dream Night the night that is focused on how Diamonds are so free financially and focus on Material things in life.

If there so free why are they still working the Amway opportunity of a lifetime? That is a question to you Amway Supporters? Its not negative in any way, its a logical question.

Some Diamonds are Hypocrites at best. Spend with cash, and if you don't pay with cash your broke. Well I guess that did not work out to well for Greg Duncan.

Greg talked the talk but couldn't walk the walk. David Shores also. His house foreclosed. If you are so damn free why does this happen when you judge others, but you are not held to the same standards that you speak of!!

I guess no one in Amway has the balls to stand up to these looser Sons of Bitches and ask them the truth or any Diamond some real tough questions.

If Diamonds preach about being so free and how life is great, they should be able to answer any tough questions relating to money, lifestyle, and marriage.

I believe Diamonds would at most avoid an real hardcore questions or flap around it like a Politician. There are no hardcore questions asked of these Diamonds as they get a Hall Pass 99% of the time.

I would love to see a youtube video asking one of these Diamonds a hardcore question, and pressing him no matter what until he had a good answer.