Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amway Broke Losers?

One thing I will applaud Amway for is their customer service. Whenever I called the corp as an IBO to order or for other things, their staff was always courteous and friendly. But IBOs, on the other hand, do not seem to value potential customers that way. What I mean is when prospects are called stupid, or broke losers just because they do not wish to become an IBO. What you have done basically, is ensure that the prospect will never be a customer of yours, and possibly Amway. Some uplines teach that people not in Amway are broke or losers and/or if you quit the ranks of being an IBO, you become a broke loser.

Imagine walking into a retail store, and realizing that maybe you didn't have enough cash in your pocket, or that the store did not have the item you were looking for, so you leave. As you leave, the stores employees said what a fool. What a broke loser he is not buying anything from us or wanting to open a similar store. While this may be an extreme example, I believe it is a perfectly valid one. If you value your customers and treat them with courtesy and respect, you have a good chance of retaining them. Calling someone a loser is almost a sure way to fail in Amway or any other business. Why some leaders choose to label people as such is a mystery to me.

I believe that this comes from two things. Number one is that IBOs are not very interested in selling products. They are mostly interested in sponsoring. And that is the number two reason. IBOs are mainly focused on building their group, because that is the key to moving up the ranks, in terms of a pin. Some groups simply teach IBOs to self consume and then focus on sponsoring. It leads to the opportunity being borderline in terms of whether the opportunity is a pyramid where there are no sales to non participants (pay to play).

This division between potential customers and potential IBOs is what causes Amway to have a bad reputation with the general public. It is evident here on my blog, where IBOs criticize me, without even supporting their arguments. This is not the only reason, but a contributing factor to Amway's bad reputation in the US.

IBOs, if you take a hard look at what I have written, it is not negative, it is a perfectly valid reason why so many do not succeed. You need to treat your potential customers and downline with respect, regardless of whether they choose to join or buy products from you right away.


Anonymous said...

Ain't it the truth. Nice one, Joe.


cool said...

Very well written. I agree and I'm an ibo. Nothing fancy. I do it part time and work my full time job. I have an excellent team and customer base. I just got lucky, and treat all my customers like family. It's hard work at first but it's fun. I keep my business partners at a low volume because I hate turnover, and I don't recruit lazy people. Maybe I just got lucky, but I do very well for myself being a 28 year old male. I will though say it's easier to start your business with a bank account behind you. I learned for myself that you have to spend money to make money. Again though, I put like 3k on the back of the Amway business for products to give out free. Again it worked for me. I made that money back x7 after my 2nd year. it's a business, you have to build it. I rather hear it from somebody who suceeded rather than hear it from somebody who failed. It's not for everybody, but I suggest you give Amway a second look. Shout out to my Chicago group, y'all doing something good!

Anonymous said...

cool, you aren't so cool. sorry. NEXT!

Anonymous said...

sometimes, i go to amway meetings to sell dope to the cock starved broads who are brainwashed into acting like this b.s. story of glory they're bf or husband is trying to sell to the meeting is the 1st time they've heard it ! so, i beat in sum amstarve fo' luvin' vagina & feed their habits cuz if amway & they men took care of bizness i'd b outta bizness... sell drugs & own gold !

Anonymous said...

lol ;)

**proud Amway hater**

Anonymous said...

cool will be hot and fuming soon!