Monday, April 23, 2012

Making A Living Off Amway?

I've been blogging for many nears now and one of the conclusions I have made is that there really is no defense for debating the merits of an Amway business when the IBO is participating in a system such as WWDB or Network 21. I have no issues with IBOs who sign up and sell actual products to non IBO customers, but these sales oriented IBOs are very rare. Most IBOs who are entrenched in a system are often focused on sponsoring downline because that is the only way an IBO can achieve certain levels such as emerald or diamond. The emerald or diamond level is the goal of many because it is allegedly the level where an IBI can "walk away" and enjoy barrels of cash rolling in for the rest of their lives. I find it ironic that even crown ambassadors keep busy schedules and have not walked away into a quite life of retirement and uncountable amounts of money.

In general, it would take about 100 IBOs or so to make up a platinum level business. That's 1% at best and even less when you factor in IBOs who do nothing or IBOs who start and quit. In my estimation, a very dedicated hard core IBO would only begin to break even or make a little bit of income at the 4000 PV or platinum level. Of course, your business structure would be a factor in determining how much you can earn. Sponsoring width gives you more profit and sponsoring depth allegedly gives you some stability. Thus you could reasonably argue that about a fraction of 1% of IBOs break even or make a little bit of income. What real businessman would even consider opening a business where your chance of making a profit is less than 1%? Yes, you can argue that Amway is a business and not a game of chance, but a prudent decision also factors in your chances of success.

Other factors that would make Amway unattractive is that the products are priced higher (in general) than comparable or the same products that are available at people's local retailers. Yes, Amway folks will argue quality and concentration factors but those arguments are simply justification for the higher prices. The vast majority of people are satisfied getting cheaper prices at Walmart. Also, IBOs are restricted from advertising their goods, thus are relegated to person to person advertising, which is probably the least effective methos of getting the word out. Higher prices and unfamiliar products results in what many groups have - IBOs who "buy from themselves" in order to earn their bonuses. Also, any bonus that is earned by most IBOs is just a partial refund on having overpaid for a product. Not to mention unless you are at a higher level in the business, your upline(s) get most of the bonus, whether they helped you or not.

Yes, it is possible for some people to make some money in Amway. Yes, some people do make some good money from Amway. It is not possible for all IBOs to make money unless they are selling products to non IBOs and we know that most IBOs don't sell anything or sell just a few items to others. We also know that the tools systems generally eat away any small bonuses IBOs earn and leave them with a net loss. For the truly dedicated IBOs, the losses can mount into thousands of dollars and more.

Can someone make a living with Amway? The answer is that it's possible but not likely. But as to whether the Amway business and associated tools is a good idea? For thet there is no defense.


Anonymous said...

yea fk AmWay! There's no shortcuts in life. Work hard, play fair and have at least a soothing transition from life to death.

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Ron Paul 2012

Anonymous said...

Yah, you can make a living off Amway. But can you live on negative income?

ambicurious said...

I don't know about the UK scene theses days since Amway fired the IBS leadership in 2007 but before that when I was involved the were charging £3.50 for the tape of the week and the book of the month was full retail,, the opens were free but the monthly meetings were charged as were dream weekend and free enterprise. you booked you own accommodation. Can you make a living? probably not, I never made a profit though I did keep records, since thrown out. Money could be made with Artistry Parties if done properly, my ex had one and my upline was amazed at how much she took in orders, it was a one off as she quickly lost interest.

Savvy Aggarwal said...

Amway like any other business requires its fair share of hardwork and commitment and promises great returns at relatively small monetary investment. The best part is that this business works best only for those who do it with positive intentions and a sorted out frame of mind.
Emeralds and diamonds do have busy schedules and they don't retire but that is only because Amway business becomes so enjoyable and addictive that it becomes hard to leave it. The social connections you make, the great people you meet, the kind of knowledge you get exposed to all make it worth it to stay with the business no matter which level you reach.

Anonymous said...

you're a joke.