Friday, April 27, 2012

The Fruit On The Tree?

I had a good chuckle recently when some Amway apologists spoke about looking at the "fruit on the tree" as a way to confirm that various diamonds were successful. One commentator said his parents were broke and he looked to his diamond since the diamond apparently had fruit on the tree. I thought about this concept and I agree, that perhaps we should look at fruit on the tree. First of all, what is fruit? Is it pictures of lavish things or is it looking and bonafide and verified financial statements? How would you know if your diamond was wealthy just because he owns a porsche? What if that same diamond was carrying credit card debt and was just creating an illusion of success? Impossible you say? There are verified accounts of diamonds having their homes foreclosed and other issues.

IBOs and Amway prospects, please ask your upline platinum or diamond to show you the fruit on their tree. Ask them to see their (business) financial statements. This is actually a common practice in real business. When a friend of mine sold his business a few years back, he made three year's worth of income tax returns to show prospective buyers. He showed his business and personal tax returns. If someone is asking you to do business with them which will require your investment of time and money, you have every right to ask for information/evidence.

As far as I know, not one single bigger pin has ever shown their business financials except for those who had their finances revealed in public documments such as a bankruptcy. In fact, if it made certain bigger pins look good, why wouldn't they want to "show their fruit". They certainly don't mind showing off diamond rings, fancy clothes, sports cars and the like. What many IBOs don't understand is that fancy cars and other toys is no evidence of fruit on the tree. For all you know the cars are rented and the diamond might be drowning in debt.

It has been discussed that some diamonds may rent cars or fancy homes and try to imply that they own these items. Some diamonds, possibly many diamonds in the past have lied or embellished the truth about paying for everything in cash, including their homes and cars. They also at times, have given the audience the impression that these luxuries are all purchased with Amway income, and we know that many diamonds have probably had supplemental income from the systems, or other business ventures outside of Amway.

We also know that some diamonds are in debt, but simply try to portray an excessive lifestyle. (See Ruth Carter's Book: Amway Motivational Organizations, Behind the Smoke and Mirrors). Some diamonds may have a substantial income, but it doesn't mean they are financially free and able to live a jetset lifestyle that many portray. It is an illusion, possibly to be able to attract new prospects into the business.

So yes, let us actually see the fruit on the tree. Is there any fruit?


Anonymous said...

If there is fruit on their trees, my guess is there is a lot of worms in those apples.

In Amway, NOTHING is as it seems to be. From the time they trick someone to a meeting to when they are teaching them the fine art of "fake it til you make it", pulling anecdotes and statistics right out of their ass and lying to recruit in more suckers, nothing that comes out of their mouths is too concerned with truth or reality.


Anonymous said...

Hi, first time on your blog. I just wanted to share that over the last couple years I have become fairly close with a Diamond. Although I was aware that their income was made through Amway, I didn't pay much attention to it until now. First, I want to say that I know for a fact that this couple did and does pay for many items with cash. I'm sorry that I can't be more specific on how I know this, but I would like to protect their privacy. This family is one of the most genuine and generous families I know - whether you're an Amway person or not.

Only recently was I asked if I'd like to hear about Amway from them. I wish I had space to go in to more detail about my experience thus far, but it has not at all been the horror that so many people describe online. And as an already successful business owner, it seems to me that with the right expecations/goals, that Amway could be successful for some extra side money, i.e. don't expect to get rich quick, and focus more on selling superior products vs. recruit, recruit, recruit.

I don't doubt that many of the stories and research I've read online is true. I'm sure the cult horrors and scandals are true. I'm also sure that most people who try Amway aren't successful for any variety of reason; however, most new businesses fail, so I'm not entirely sure how much I can blame Amway system vs people not putting in the effort. I'm also very aware that the Diamonds I know make a killing off of speaking engagments. But having said that, my experience with these people FAR outside of any Amway connections has been so positive that I'm not entirely convinced that Amway couldn't be done in an ethical and profitable way if run like any smart retail business should be run. I wish I had more space to go more in-depth, but just wanted to say that right now I'm on the fence even after reading endless negative feedback (as well as positive).

Joecool said...

Thanks for your comment. My response is that a conman seems really nice also, until they have your money.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me anon may be an ibo trying a softer, more reasonable support of amway. I noticed the use of some amway terms and reasoning in amongst the comment. I could be wrong but to me it reads like a cleaver amway supporter.

Anonymous said...

it is. don't kid yourself.

Anonymous said...

The fact he says the diamond makes bucks from speaking confirms the fraud in this. This is forcing innocent new recruits to put money into the handS of a select few. Recruits who will mostly drop out after wasting money on tools for the benefit of uplines

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

but thats probably because you idiots have never had someone guide you through the process, questions that needed answering, like any business you need to learn, read, and educate yourself on the business and all the successful people in the business are there to help you either way. The only people who say its a scam are the people who expected thousands a year by sitting on their asses and didn't ask for help or go to meetings. If you had a shitty upline thats your fault for even joining with that upline. fucking idiots. Hope you faggots enjoy making your shitty 30k a year

Anonymous said...

just die. :)

**proud Amway hater**