Monday, April 23, 2012

Comment About An Amway Defender?

Comments about Amway's most prolific and shameless defender: Guest on April 23rd, 2012 8:32 am anonymous:

I would strongly urge you to reconsider any involvement with ibofightback. Read his comments here and elsewhere. He will twist and contort any argument to somehow justify Amway or discredit opposing opinions or anti-Amway views. I am just a reader and not part of his years-long feuds with other posters, but I think the guy’s bizarre (no offense, ibo). It’s entertaining to watch how he skillfully (sometimes) bends over backwards to defend Amway in any and all instances. I think he is a master manipulator with some unknown agenda.

Again, no offense to ibofightback, but I think he is a weirdo. He spends (and has spent) tremendous amounts of time and energy battling to defend the reputation of a for-profit company, allegedly with no payment from the company and no serious financial stake as an IBO. Why does he do that? Does McDonald’s have a near-full-time unpaid advocate building blogs and battling for their honor across the Internet for no pay?

As long as he’s going to campaign for no pay, why doesn’t he put this energy into campaigning against child hunger, say, or for human rights? Why is a sleazy for-profit company his charity? IMHO, I suspect either he IS somehow receiving compensation, directly or indirectly, for all his efforts OR he’s just a weirdo who has chosen to devote all his free time, passion and energy to defending the reputation of a for-profit, cultlike ponzi scheme. If true, the former option may be deceptive and possibly illegal, but at least sane and understandable. The latter option, if true, smacks of mental illness or at least dysfunction.

ibofightback is NOT your only option. There are many trained professionals who deal with all kinds of addictive behavior, You don’t need someone trained in Amway. You need someone trained in addictive behavior.

Going to ibofightback for help separating from Amway is like asking a bartender for help with an alcoholic because of his experience with alcohol. Asking ibofightback for advice on separating from Amway is like asking a drug dealer for help getting a crack addict.

Asking ibofightback for advice on separating from Amway is like asking a pro-life activist for abortion information.

Consulting ibofightback about getting away from Amway is like a couple asking a priest for advice on spicing things up in the bedroom.

[Nothing personal, ibofightback. I think you are masterful at semantic gymnastics and debate. And some of my best friends are weirdos. Just stay away from people who are already victims of Amway before you do further damage.]


Anonymous said...

Is ibofightback still around? That loser needs to get a life.

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that someone would spend so much time defending a company with a crappy reputation. It's almost like someone defending OJ Simpson. Weird.

Anonymous said...

ditto to both of you!