Monday, September 17, 2012

Amway Or A J-O-B?

I recall many meetings and functions where the diamonds talked about how your job was making you "just over broke" or "jackass of the boss". They tried to put down jobs, as if working a job were some kind of cruel punishment for the masses. In reality, IBOs could not feed their families, pay their bills and they could not make the diamonds rich without their jobs. I remember seeing videos of people shooting their alarm clocks or a limosine pulling up to someone's place of employment and whisking off someone who recently went diamond or reaching some other pin level.

I suppose that for someone young, who may be in their 20's or 30's, the prospect of working another 30 years seems like a daunting task, thus a "shortcut" such as working 2-5 years sounds like a good alternative. It makes sense, until you actually start trying to build the business and find the name reputation and products difficult to sell. At some point, your investment into standing orders and functions starts to add up. You start to wonder if you made a mistake in trying to find a shortcut to financial freedom. You start to wonder if financial freedome even exists in the Ama-world. Why are the diamonds still working? Why don't any of them "walk away" and collect residual income for life while walking on the beaches of the world?

Luckily, you did not quit your job. While your current job may not equip you with financial freedom, you are likely able to pay your bills and put food on your dinner table. That is more than most people can say about the income they receive from Amway. I used to wonder how much money these diamonds actually make. While they may earn a nice income (if they are actually qualified), a diamond lifestyle can render them even more broke and in debt than the people they recruit into Amway. I believe many diamonds are living month to month, worrying about their finances because they portray a lifestyle that cannot be sustained on the kinds of incomes that Amway reports (i.e. $147,000 average diamond income). A recent triple diamond in bankrupt proceedings revealed that while they earn a nice income, they may not be able to sustain an excessive lifestyle, and certainly not without making a significant income from selling functions and other tools to downline.

Rather than getting excited about seeing a Mercedes Benz, ask your diamond how much they earn from Amway. Ask them why there aren't any diamonds taking advantage of residual income for life, thus walking away from the Amway business? While working a job and saving money may not sound that attractive, it is still a much better alternative than working a job while channeling your income into standing orders, voicemail and functions that do nothing except make your bank account lighter. Financial security and long term sustainablity takes hard work and discipline. Many who promote Amway trick prospects into thinking that Amway is a shortcut to get rich. It isn't, save for the owners of Amway and a few old time Diamonds who control the systems. The facts are there, you just need top recognize them.


Anonymous said...

One of the stock answers Ambots are trained to give when a prospect asks them how much they make is "You wouldn't believe me".

Probably one of the few truths that will ever come out of their mouth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah nice thoughts! When I was counselling with my up line about certain things happening/not happening, he told me 'man, Amway is not built for necessity but for lifestyle'. At that point of time it looked OK but when I realised, instead of saving/making money I was losing it and I also had that shitty attitude towards the job that put food on the table for four five years. I came from humble background and I needed the job surely. But when I realised PV is got to be zero 12 mid-night starting of every month but overheads never decrease at my level I was facing a dilema - core IBO or profitable IBO (forget about the amount of money). I started thinking about what was going on, and sooner than later, I quit listening to CDs and reading books and my brain started working. In fact my up line diamond taught this - Yourself>Spouse>Parents>Children>Job>Amway. But in reality I had to make every dicision keeping Amway centre of my life. I told the same thing, 'boss your order of priority cannot be fulfilled by me to have momentum in the business, mostly things do contradict - I need to figure out to give excuses to come out of office for Amway, do not go to native and so on - so I am quitting'. Finally now I know that was the right thing to do.