Thursday, September 13, 2012

Comments About Amway?

Recent comments on this blog have been quite interesting lately. Some heated, some inflamatory and some just silly. But what many Amway defenders fail to understand is that I am simply sharing my experiences and observations. I feel that it serves as an information highway for prospects who are looking into the Amway business. When I was in the business, the internet was not quite as accessible as it is now. Thus this blog is an easy way for people to gain information about my experiences and informed opinions about Amway.

Information seekers are free to ask questions, or even dispute what I have written. I do not disallow comments that are pro or con with regards to Amway. I allow both sides of the story to be expressed here. I moderate comments to prevent spam and sabotage, which I experienced in the past. In about 2 years,, Joecool's blog has nearly 275,000 site visitors. It's clear that my message is getting out there. But I say that commentators should question the message and not the messenger.

Quite often I see people leaving comments that I am lying or wrong but the comments never seem to specify what is wrong or inaccurate about what I am writing. Plus, how can my experience be wrong? It's my experience and that has been confirmed by the many other bloggers and by current evidence that is available on other websites on the internet. For example, I still see (in particular, WWDB) IBOs talking about buying homes in cash, and how the world has a 60% divorce rate while WWDB members have a 2% divorce rate. Where do IBOs get this garbage? They are taught this crap by WWDB leaders. And guess what? IBOs pay good money to learn this crap.

The truth is that Amway people and the world probably have the same divorce rate, but it surfaces as an issue because IBOs make these silly claims. It's also ironic that some WWDB leaders who spoke of buying homes in cash had homes foreclosed and one of them was in bankruptcy proceedings recently. A WWDB leader who said that Amway saved marriages is now either seperated or divorced. These same leaders at one time SWORE that not a penny of profit was made from tools and function sales. We now know the truth and these leaders were never held accountable. Who does more good? Someone who provides information so people can make an informed decision? Or someone who is deceptive which leads only to the "best case scenario"?

That is the truth. Attack the message, not the messenger.


Anonymous said...

I think what you say in your posts is mostly valid bieng myself ann ex direct. There is truth in the message that a small number of people make it and the frredom walk is illusion. The tools are theft. Nevertheless to balance this the truth also is that anyone can make it to diamond or above if they have the skills. Most people dont hence a small succes rate. Yaeger went diamond and more in 6 countries, sponsored or built over 20 diamond legs with over 100 diamonds in his group and i suppose now about 1 million ibo. The guy who sponsored him quit. Whats the difference between the two of them. I presume yaeger knows how to motivate and sell the dream. Thats what this is about. All the successful people in it have this gift. Im sure the large majority of people signing up would not be able to stand and talk to a diamond sized group. So they have no hope of succeeding from day one no matter what price products are or whether tools exist or not. So while the tools are a ripoff and the likelyhood of success is low and the uplines lie , it would not change much if all that changed. People would still try, only toose built for this would be winners and most would give up. Only advantage would be people may lose less money

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true, it happens everywhere for that matter. Joecool, when I cannot shut your mouth by practically justifiable arguments, what else will I do? Scold you in person and by then subject matter absconds. I also follow a blog called Corporate Frauds Watch and I see pathetic people writing against the blog owner rather than the issue. Even relatively new blog Amwayscam has so many hits everyday from so many countries across the world. I was wondering how many people are affected by this Amway mass deception!

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